Class 13

Class 13 is a anime/manga concept
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A class consisting entirely of students possessing abnormalities. Class 13 is featured in Medaka Box and Medaka Box Abnormal.


Headmaster Hakama
Headmaster Hakama

This is a class consisting entirely of students possessing abnormalities. Many are involved with the Flask Plan, an experiment overseen by the Headmaster of Hakoniwa Academy to create a Perfect Human.

The most prominent members of the Flask Plan are the Thirteen Party. This group was originally made up of the thirteen most exceptional Abnormals with in the school, but with the loss of Unzen, the group was reduced to twelve. These twelve are further divided into two groups: the Front Six and the Plus Six.

Front SIx

Front Six
Front Six

While as fickle as other Abnormals, the Front Six are invested in the Flask Plan enough to at least answer the chairman's summons when he calls for them as well as follow his direction to a point. Each have there own set of morals and ideas they live by.

Plus Six

Plus Six
Plus Six

Stronger and more unique than the other members of the Flask Plan they feel there is no reason to attend school as there is no point to it.

Other Class 13 Students

Former Members

General Information Edit
Concept Name Class 13
Japanese Name: 十三組の十三人
Romaji Name: Sātein Pāti
Aliases Thirteen Party
1st manga book: Medaka Box #1
1st anime episode: Medaka Box #1
1st anime movie:
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