Shaman King #7 - Clash at Mata Cemetery

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 02/02/2000

Plot Summary

Yoh's spiritual journey into the caves of Izumo has boosted his mana and his confidence - and just in time, too! It's the last battle of the Shaman Fight preliminaries, and Yoh is up against Tao Ren and his Chinese warlord of an Over Soul, Bason. Ren has already killed his officiant in the qualification round, and now he is determined to teach Yoh the meaning of fear. Yoh and Amidamaru are closer than ever, but can their unique bond of friendship overcome Ren's awesome mana and masterful control of Bason?

Bonus story

  1. Funbari Hill Stories
  2. Kokkuri Angel Cupid

Ryu only appears in this section of the manga. Tamao and her familiars, Ponchi and Konchi, fight Ryu.


Japanese Release Date: February 2, 2000.

American Release Date: September 6, 3005

Reincarnation 54: Slogan - "Surōgan" (スローガン)

Reincarnation 55: A Grave Reunion - "Saikai boen" (再会墓苑)

Reincarnation 56: Slacker - "Yurui yatsu" (ユルい奴)

Reincarnation 57: Clash at Mata Cemetery - "Sōru Mata reien" ((ソウル摩多霊園)

Reincarnation 58: Display of Power - "Furyoku to reiryoku" (巫力と霊力)

Reincarnation 59: Too Much Work - "Muri shinai" (無理しない)

Reincarnation 60: How? - "Naze" (なぜ)

Reincarnation 61: Before the Opening Ceremony - "Kaikai shiki mae" (開会式前)

Reincarnation 62: Ren's Past - "Ren ni tsuite" (蓮について)



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Hiroyuki Takei artist, colorer, cover, inker, penciler, production, writer,



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