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Entertaining as well as satisfying! Reviewed by OkazukiIchigo on Feb. 17, 2009. OkazukiIchigo has written 10 reviews. His/her last review was for Lucky Star. 61 out of 71 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.

Games that are based on anime are quite popular in the East, specifically Visual Novels. Visual Novels are games that focuses on more of the story and provides dialogue options similar to a RPG. Whether its a Galge or just age appropriated Novel, it compels the player to make decisive decisions that will affect the storyline. Through a cast of interactive characters, rely too much on text and dialogue options, this might be the reason why the western market isn't intriuged by this type of game.

One of the known Visual Novel is Clannad, created KEY. Whom created such hits like Air and Kanon. Key is known for making depressed storylines and emotions, its what derives from Clannad that makes it emotional. From character mortal's dilemmas to depressing music, its a emotional experience that have great merit. After creating a Visual Novel, KEY produced the anime for it. The elements on which made the Visual Novel, emotional still remain in this anime but it also picks you up and make you feel better.

Dezaki Osamu, a director who directed such nostalgic hits as Astro Boy and some of the Lupin III movies. Directs Clannad: The Motion Picture, based on the game which I still question. From what I have seen, its surprising that Ishihara Tatsuya isn't directing this movie. Yet this movie was before the release of the anime series, a year ago when it was released. While I can compare, comparisons between the anime series, its incorrect to say to compare this movie since it came before the anime series.

This movie is somewhat based upon: gaps of the first Clannad and After Story. Most of the key plot developments of After Story is in this movie. While this is all based on the game, in which has multiple endings and different branches upon the story, its still yet awkward and confusing to understand the difference between the anime series and the movie. The movie

Nagisa singing her rendition of "Big Dango Family" KAWAII!
Nagisa singing her rendition of "Big Dango Family" KAWAII!
sets up in a different scenario, many characters that was introduced in the anime series aren't there as it mainly focuses on the main characters: Okazaki Tomoya, Sunohara Youhei and Furakawa Nagisa.

The story starts out like Clannad but a depiction of Tomoya's depiction. Questioning his existence and how he is alone in this illusionary world. How he have a bad relationship with his father and disdaining the city he lived in. As he was a delinquent in High School he, out of a sudden finds a frail girl at the bottom of the hill towards school, unable to reach the top of the hill. At first Tomoya doesn't really care about Nagisa but then gradually helps her revive the drama club. Enter Sunohara Youhei, another delinquent that is friends with Tomoya decided to help her with this club.

At first the idea of reviving the drama club failed due to being “Invalid” to the council executives of the school. But as Nagisa tried to give her heart out to Kouko Ibuki, the former adviser of the drama club, the club was recreated again. While it failed on getting any new members, Tomoya, Sunohara and Nagisa is determined to stay in the club. Nagisa whom is determined to create a play for the Founder's Day Celebration, as Tomoya and Youhei is dragged into this. Tomoya was soon met by Nagisa's parents, Akio and Sanae of the Furukawa family. As they are former actors which retired due to Nagisa's illness.

When Nagisa performed as a solo performance for the Drama club, similar to the endings of the first season of Clannad. The only differences is that Nagisa has the courage to perform and wear her mother's wedding dress, while the anime series, Nagisa at first was too nervous in the stage but then was couraged by his father's words to do so. Soon after that solo performance by Nagisa, they graduated out of High School and Tomoya and Nagisa decided to get married. A few years later, after Nagisa was passed away due to giving birth to a daughter, Ushio. Which was named after to became stronger than her frail mother. Tomoya was in a current state of depression, and unable to coup with his life. While everyone: Sunohara, Tomoyo, Akio and Sanae tries to cheer him up as well as his father regretting being a bad father to him. Unable to help him,

Tomoya finally reunites with Ushio, one of the best moments.
Tomoya finally reunites with Ushio, one of the best moments.
Okazaki's father tells his friends to have a vacation ending up with Tomoya finally meeting up with his daughter, Ushio as they live together.

The differences and similarities between the movie and the anime series is confusing, while this whole sole purpose of storytelling pertains in the Visual Novels. On where you get to decide what branch of the story, you prefer. This movie mainly focuses on the relationship between Nagisa and Tomoya but only them. As the others characters like Fuko, Ryou and Kotomi is written out of the picture, leaving Kyou, Tomoyo, Kouko and Yusuke. I have yet still question why Kyou is with Tomoyo as they are both, council representations. As they are the ones responsible for making “Invalid” signs over Nagisa's drama club posters. Kotomi only makes a brief cameo, as she is the conductor of the choir. The story that persists in this movie seems to be too awkward if you have watched the anime series. The way of summarizing the Clannad story is somehow difficult seeing its based on the Visual Novel on which has different endings.

The art presentation is really different from the anime counterpoint. The common flaw is the art design. It doesn't have the beautiful illustration to dynamic design that was portrayed in that series. While this is not an adaption to the anime series but the first animated series that is based on the Visual Novel. It reassembles the art style of KEY's Kanon series. The illustration design of the environments encountered during the movie is quite gorgeous. It gives merits to the presentation that is given there. The character design looks good but not great, despite having the same appeal as Kanon did, it still weirds me out comparing the characters from the anime series towards this movie. Through the share of colourful schemes of Sakura's blooms to the Illusionary world, its looks quite entertaining and well done. KEY proved to create the art in their series to worth merit as its one of the moments that looks satisfying.

The sound/music performance is astounding through the Japanese cast. Each of its acting gives merit to the performance. As this cast from derived from the Visual Novels and the anime series. I was surprised how talented the cast are. The cast showcased human emotions through the Anime as its gives great merit. The sheer brilliance of delivering emotions on which the movie deliver is quite a shock, whether its from Nagisa's death or the illusionary world, it send a chill down my spike. The only common flaw is that Nakamura Yuichi, the seiyuu that voiced the role of Tomoya in the anime series isn't there. As the first animated series from the Visual Novel, Nojima Kenji takes role of Tomoya. From anime series like BECK and Guyver. The seiyuu for Tomoya, despite getting used to the normal seiyuu, provides a decent role as portrayed from his character. The emotions gives some merit of sheer acting that was given through his dialogue during the illusionary sequences. The music performance is also excellent. The opening, Megumeru sung by eufonius sounds wonderful and a sheer of excellence portrayed in the openings and theme of this movie. The opening transition with the introduction of Nagisa on which was unable to walk up the hill and Tomoya helping him seems to fit pretty much. The soundtrack that was provided for this movie has a sheer of brilliance as most of the arrangements consists of piano tracks to calm music that fits the theme of Clannad. Through its Nagisa's death to the High school, you can understand the level of emotion that was created through the music orchestration. The other existing theme is “Big Dango Family” was introduced in this movie as Nagisa was to sing it. The seiyuu, famous for his role as Rena in Higurashi no Naku sung this song and it felt cute as well as entertaining. Both of the openings and the endings were sung by eufonius whom provided a excellent performance, especially the ending theme which sounds quite epic as a Clannad series.

Overall, Clannad: The Motion Picture is entertaining and satisfying movie. Despite having this trend of “being” an adaptation of the anime series which is incorrect. It's a enjoyable experience that will satisfying everyone. Through its emotions moments of Nagisa's death to the enjoyable moments of Nagisa's rendition of “Big Dango Family” and Ushio really reuniting with Tomoya. It shows merit that this movie is quite charming to its fullest potential. While the common flaw of its art design still pertains and confuses me, its interesting to see the first animated series that is based on the Visual Novel. Through its sheer brilliance of the acting to the soundtrack, its a enjoyable experience that I keep on watching it again. It's yet confusing at first with collied with the anime series, seeing how there are no comparisons but yet confuses me to summarize the storyline. It is excavated pretty well, seeing the trials and tribulations that Tomoya has faced through his life and how his father helped him back to reality by reuniting by Ushio. The reunion of Ushio and Tomoya is rejoicing as Tomoya is relieved out of his current state of depression and as well as it introduces Ushio on which she was watched in After Story. One of the best anime movie that I watch recently and its quite worth it.

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