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Clannad is an anime series in the Clannad franchise
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Drama? Try again. Reviewed by Adanadhel on Jan. 24, 2011. Adanadhel has written 16 reviews. His/her last review was for Pandora Hearts. 26 out of 43 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 11 users found this review helpful.
 Well, I've been surprised again.

A pity it was in a negative way this time. Due to the enormous repercussion Clannad has I thought I would give it a chance, since so many people said it was beautiful, tear-jerking, sad, etc. 

Drama my arse.

Clannad is drama as much as Naruto is.

Yeah, you read it right. I'd dare say that Naruto might even be more successful on its attempts to drama than Clannad was. I was utterly disappointed by how lame the attempts to pull tears out of your eyes in this series are.

The producers relied so much on (poor) humor, that every time where you had a "dramatic" moment it ended up coming across as exaggerated or unnatural.

Even more unnatural are the attempts to a supernatural approach. They just don't fit, sound forced and nonsense.

Clannad might have been a lot more enjoyable if it was reduced to 12 episodes only. There were at least 7 complete unnecessary episodes, and several other ones that could have been reduced to half of what they are. Not only does this dramatically decreases the pace of the series but it also gives the show an overall feeling of lack of creativity since the episodes just drag on lame jokes and useless dialogues.

The characters are really shallow, extremely stereotyped and hard to connect with. They overreact or act unnaturally on almost every conflict that they face. Nagisa's constant promptness to tears drove me crazy. 

While Kyoto Animation did a good job on Air and Kanon (2006) it's hard to understand what they were trying to do in Clannad. There was an attempt on focusing on family relationships, but even this is extremely poorly done.

The soundtrack is very repetitive, the art has nothing original to it and quite often I felt annoyed by the voice of some characters (Nagisa being the most annoying of'em all).

Once again, it's really difficult to me to understand the hype behind some animes. I'll give a chance to Clannad ~after story~. Since my expectations are so low I might as well be surprised positively this time.    
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