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Clannad - One of the best stories in anime history Reviewed by PredatorPT on June 13, 2010. PredatorPT has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Clannad. 15 out of 16 users recommend his reviews. 15 out of 16 users found this review helpful.
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 Clannad is a wonderfull anime, it has everything that you would expect of a great animation. It has ambience, a brilliant story, and a cast of characters that you can relate to, and which will give you a warm feeling from start to end. The anime revolves around Tomoya Okazaki, a teenager, whose mother died when he was very young, since then he started to live alone with his father, who, to cope with his wife's death started drinking, and by doing so pushed his only son away. Tomoya's days are spent idly with his friend Sunohara, and he is aware that he is wasting his life , however he doesn't seem to care. This is when Nagisa Furukawa comes in to his life. Nagisa, whose weak health made her repeat her senior year of highschool, seems to be the oposite of Tomoya, maybe due to her health problems she seems eager to enjoy life, although she lacks the confidence to be more assertive and to chase after her dreams, she gives the feeling of being a very strong person who only needs a small push to acomplish great things.   
 They first start talking to eachother because Tomoya notices that Nagisa always eats lunch by herself, and so, having nothing better to do, he just walks over to her and asks her who she is, and why is she having her meals alone. After this point, and after Furokawa told him about her weak health, they start to see eachother more often, and eventualy become friends. Not too long after, Nagisa tells Tomoya that her dream is to be apart of a theatrical play, and again, having nothing better to do, Tomoya decides to lend her a hand. They start to try ro reestablsh the Theater Club, which due to the lack of members was shut down by the student council. Meanwhile a new and possibly one of the cuttest characters of the anime makes her first apearence, her name is Fuko Ibuki, and she seems to be related to the recent rumors of a ghost girl handing out strange items to the rest of the student body.  
 As a matter of fact, Fuuko chan is not a ghost, but part of the conscience of the younger sister of a former teacher, her goal is to make everyone in the school, from the teachers to the students, celebrate her sister's wedding, the problem is that for some strange reason, not everyone can see Fuko, of course, Okazaki and Furukawa, are able to see her, and after hearing the reason behind her determination to give away star sculptures to everyone (you'll find out later on the anime that those sculptures are actually starfish sculptures, Fuuko seems to be fixated with starfish, and everything starfish related) they decide to help her, this is problably, due to its end, the most emotional arc of the entire anime. After having handed out sculptures to praticly every studend and teacher on the school grounds, everyone seems to be, little by little forgeting about Fuuko and her sisters wedding, even Tomoya and Nagisa forget about her, being left only with the feeling that they forgot something really important, this however doesen't last long, and after seeing the wedding sign made by the teacher who is in charge of organizing the wedding on the school grounds, they imediatly remember their friend. On the big day, everything seems it was for naught, beacuse except for the teachers, Tomoya and Nagisa no one else showed up. The disapointment is obvious in the faces of Okazaki, Furokawa and little Fuko, but as the groom and bride are heading out, the students start to gather, moved by the memorie that was entwined with the starfish Fuuko gave to everyone. After seeing her wish granted Fuuko chan gives her blessing to her sister (that couldn't see her before) and disapears, not before, vowing to spend more good times with her only friends. After having helped Fuko, Tomoya and Nagisa focus once more in restoring the Theater Club. After having been turned down by the Student Council due to the club's lack of members, Okazaki and Furokawa start to print flyers in order to spread the word around, this effort is again foiled by the student council, whose love for stupid rules seems to know no bounds. They then decide to recruit menbers one at a time. Tomoya goes to the library where a oblivious girl seems to spend most of her days. This girl is

Kotomi Ichinose, the schools genius, whose sole purpose in life seems to be read books.


After some persuasion, Tomoya convices kotomi to go have a chat with the Theater's Club President, non other than, Nagisa Furokawa. For some reason, Kotomi seems to be afraid of getting to know people, and Tomya starts helping Ichinose to aquire social skills. Kotomi is, in my opinion, the most vulnerable character in all of the anime, seeming to be chased by something in her past, she never opens up, except to Tomoya. After spending some time with Nagisa, Tomya, Sunohara and Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi (the twin sisters who join the "gang" during the Fuuko arc) she starts to open her heart, but after thinking that one of her new friends died, Kotomi goes back into being a depressed person, this is when Okazaki decides to take action, and show Ichinose that she is not alone, and that her friends will always be with her. Tomoya then starts to have flashbaks about his childgood, a period that he burried deep within his heart, he then remembers that he and Kotomi mt before, and that in fact, they were friends. After having realized this, Tomoya's determination is renewed, and he is able to remember everything, Kotomis' parents, who were famous scientists, died in a plane crash when they were young, and Kotomi was left all alone in the world, only having Okazaki as friend. He however couldn't face Kotomi because he broke a promise made to her, and eventually forgot about kotomi and about his childhood. When he remembers about his past, he is able to rekinle the friendship between himself and Kotomi, who after being confronted with her past decides to star anew. After having helped Kotomi, the whole "gang" tries once again to get the Theater Club going, but their efforts are once again met by the resistence of the Student Councli, Tomoya realizes that the only way to reach their goal is to get someone they can trust in the Student Council, and so he decides to help Tomoyo Sakagami, in her run to become Student Council President. 
During this time, Furukawa falls ill, and Tomoya starts do feel just as he used to before he met Nagisa. Meanwhile, students from another school, gang up on Okazaki, Sakagami and Sunohara, Tomoyo who is inhumanly strong, betas them all up, however when a teacher aperas to see what's wrong, Tomoya ends up being blame for the fight, so that Sakagami's reputation wouldn't get stained, and ended up affecting the election. Tomoya ends up suspend, and Sakagami feeling guilty startsto help Tomoya get his life back on track. By the time Nagisa goes back to school, the student council election is over, Sakagami wins, and allows the Theater Club and the Choir Club (who was also giving the Theater Club a hard time) to share the same teacher as their advisor. Having been able to bring the Theater Club back to its' feet, the whole gang starts to get ready to present their play in the School Festival. This however won't be easy, seing that none of the club members have anyexperience when it comes to acting, furthermore, Nagisa, the clubs president, doen't know the end of the play they are suposed to present. Meanwhile, the relationship between Tomoya and his father worsens, and he ends living together with Nagisa and her parents (two of the best characters in the anime). While living there, Nagisa's ftaher, Akio, tells Tomoya about a secret in Nagisa's past, a secret that could bring Nagisa's determination back down. In spite of Akio's efforts, Nagisa end up discovering the truth, and on the big day, starts to feel depressed. Furukawa only comes to her senses when her father, as she cried on stage, bursted into the room and told her that her parents decisions aren't her fault, and that their dreams were passed on to her. She then snaped out of her depression, and acted as she did in the rehearsels. After the play, Nagisa and Tomoya start dating (to the disapointement of the twins, Kotomi and Tomoyo), and Okazaki, starts to feel as though his live isn't pointless, and that he belongs somewhere, at Nagisa's side.  

In conclusion, you can't go wrong with tis anime, it's full of memorable moments and characters, you'll get a warm feeling from the very start to the very end, it is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best animes that I have seen, one that will stick with long after you have seen it. 
My score of this anime: 5/5


(This is my first review, if you have any comments or suggestions please send me a message or leave a comment, also I would like to thank all of the sites that subbed this anime, thank you very much)



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