Clannad is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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A popular visual novel/anime made by Key and animated by Kyoto Animation.

Clannad mostly takes place in a large high school the main cast attends. Throughout the story we get glimpses into an Illusionary World where nothing but a young girl lives, since nothing is born or dies in this world, she makes a friend by putting together pieces of junk to make a body. The remaining half of the story takes place in the same city, after the conclusion of the first half.. The story mainly revolves round the idea of family and hence the name Clannad which in Irish means family. All of the main characters have no or little family in which to bond with and yet their families play large parts in the story. It is not hard to see where the strong mythology come from if you examine the game closely. It has a strong Celtic ideal mixed with in a Japanesse back round. Very refreshing game and mangas. 
Clanned was plagued by a number of release problems first set for release in 2001, but was not actually released until April 2004 and was followed by another version in August of the same year. At first it was released on PC and then later it was released by Sony and Microsoft. Both games where created by Key Software. Key is a Japanese visual novel studio under Visual Art’s known for making dramatic and plot-oriented visual novels and was founded in 1998. Later a Light Novel would be released in July 2004 and was published by Dengeki G’S Magazines and was illustrated by Juri Milsaki. Later in May 2005 a manga was released and published by Jive and illustrated by Juri Misaki it has 7 volumes and is still an ongoing series.In June 2007 Flex Comix released another mange which was Illustrated by Rino Fujii , lasting 2 issues. In June 2007 another Manga this time published by ASC11 Media Works and illustrated by Shaa is currently still running. Each birth of the manga’s and light novel has been authored by Key. A recent Manga released in February 2008 was published by Fujimi Shobo and illustrated by Yukkio Sumiyoshi it lasted 1 volume and was seen in Dragon Age Pure. 
In September 2007 an animated film based on the Clannad story was released, directed by Osamu Dazaki and released by Toei Animation. The 90 minutes movie was a cult hit. It also span into a TV anime directed by Tatsuya Ishihara and released by Kyoto Animation in March 2008 as well as an OVA in July 2008 directed again by Tatsuya Ishihara and released by Kyoto Animation. In October 2008 Clannad After Story, the second anime series and continuation of the first, by the same team that brought us the OVA in July that year spanning 24 episodes, concluding the story.
General Information Edit
Name: Clannad
Name: クラナド
Romaji: Kuranado
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