Clan Clang

Clan Clang is a anime/manga character in the Macross franchise
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Klan Klang is a Meltrandi and captain of the all female S.M.S Pixie Squadron on board the Macross Frontier fleet.


Macross Frontier (Series)

Klan Klang is the stern-looking, well-endowed Zentradi female (also known as Meltran) who is the commander of the all-female S.M.S. Pixie Squadron.

Klan grew up with S.M.S. pilot Michael Blanc and his older sister Jessica. As children Klan would hold ropes in her fingers and Michael would sit on a board and swing like he was on a swing set.

Michael mocking Klan
Michael mocking Klan

Due to a genetic anomaly in her DNA, whenever she is micronized she physically appears to be a child. This flub makes her the target of Michael's immature antics. Despite this fact, Klan is deeply in love with her friend, a fact she conceals from him. During an attack by the Varja in which they breach the defenses Klan finally reveals her love to Michael before racing off to be macronized. She is forced to watch helplessly from the macronization chamber as Michael is wounded trying to protect her and then sucked into the void of space. Michael manages to apologize to Klan for being to late to tell how he felt before disappearing into the void of space.

During the final battle Klan's Quaedluun-Rea is damaged and she undergoes Micronization. She pilots Michael's VF-25 for the remainder of the battle. When her VF-25 is damaged she gives Alto Michael's sniper rifle to deliver the kill shot on Grace O'Connor.

Macross Frontier (Movies)

The back story to the two Macross Movies ( The False Songstress & The Wings of Goodbye) are the same but events in the two movies are not the same as the series. When the Vajra attack the Frontier Fleet during Sheryl's second concert (an original sequence, not shown in the TV series) Klan warns Michael not to move from his sniper's nest (as he is now exposed to the enemy). After he saves Alto a Vajra opens fire on his VF-25 and the Messiah explodes. Klan sees this and in a fury unleashes a volley of missles on the enemy. When the battle is over she is searching the wrekage of his VF-25 and finds him alive and unharmed.

Michael & Klan
Michael & Klan

Klan and Michael survives the further engagements with the Vajra and when the fleet arrives on the Vajra homeworld the duo proceed to free the mind controlled Vajra. When the Battle Frontier opens fire on the Macross Frontier fleet Klan's Quaedluun-Rea is caught in the shockwave of the main cannon's discharge (not the actual blast). Michael rushes to her side as he says "He won't let her die alone". Michael manages to rescue Klan at severely damaging his VF-25 in the process. The two, along with the Frontier & N.U.N.S. army watch as Alto disapears before they can be obliterated by the Macross Fleet.


Klan Klan leads a team consists of three Quaedluun-Rea power armors. As commander Klan's armor is painted red (ala Milia from SDF Macross) while the others pilot silver armors.

SMS Pixie Squadron
SMS Pixie Squadron
General Information Edit
Name: Clan Clang
Name: クラン・クラン
Romanji: Kuran Kuran
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Macross Frontier #4
1st anime movie: Macross Frontier ~The false Songstress~
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Attractive Female
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