City Hunter Characters

City Hunter is an anime series in the City Hunter franchise
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Hideyuki Makimura

Kaori Makimura

The responsible business partner/manager of Ryo Saeba; she cooks, pays the bills, constantly searches for potential clients, and is also usually forced to keep Ryo's unparalleled perversions in check so he can do his job. She also secretly harbors deep romantic feelings for Ryo.


A sweeper who is the partner of Umibozu.

Reika Nogami

Reika Nogami is younger sister of Saeko Nogami and a private detective who sets up shop next door to Ryo's mansion.

Ryo Saeba

Saeko Nogami

Beautiful and devious, Saeko is a high ranking Tokyo police detective. Whenever she runs into a problem that she can't handle, she cons the lecherous Ryo Saeba, the supremely talented "City Hunter" to do her job for her.


Tetsu is a informant who operates in Shinjuku under the cover of a shoe shine man. He frequently aids Ryo Saeba with his cases.


Umibozu is a sweeper and the main rival of Ryo Saeba.

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