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Cipher the Video is an anime movie
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In this adaptation of Minako Narita's 1985 manga from Lala, pretty-boy Cipher goes to high school in New York, sometimes posing as his twin brother, Shiva, a famous actor who often needs to cut classes. Shiva wanders moodily through the streets of New York before the scene shifts to the set of his latest movie, an American football tale called Winning Tough. We see a fake ""Making Of"" documentary featuring interviews of him and his costars before being shown the trailer for the film and an image video based on it. Eventually, Shiva returns from his wanderings and cooks breakfast, revealing that his wanderings were just wanderings, not the result of a fight with his brother.

Cipher the Video is a true curiosity, featuring English-language dialogue with Japanese subtitles for that extra touch of exoticism, although it was never released outside Japan. Deliberately shot in an MTV pop-video style, much of it is simply overlaid with songs from American movies contemporaneous with the manga-Phil Collins' title song from Against All Odds (1984), as well as the title song and "Let's Hear It for the Boy" from the same year's Footloose, all in relatively poor versions from the group Wags. As an additional bonus, there's also the original version of the Thompson Twins' "Kamikaze." The running time is bulked out with the self-indulgent "Making of Cipher the Video," recycling some footage for a third time, featuring interviews with the crew and live-action shots from the New York location hunt that informed some of the admittedly picturesque images of the city. As a bonus, the video also includes Cipher's other animated appearance, a short 1986 Japanese commercial for Sumitomo Insurance. An earnest and ultimately touching treat for fans of the manga. Narita specialized in a fantasy America-her earlier manga Alien Street (1980) is set at a U.S. college where a beautiful, blond Arab prince flirts with liberal Western ways.

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Name: Cipher the Video
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1989
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 40 (mins)
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