Cipher Pol No. 9

Cipher Pol No. 9 is a anime/manga concept
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A group of assassins lead by Spandam who was originally a former leader of Cipher Pol No. 5. They also have ties with Nico Robin's past and capture both her and Franky in order to find out the location of Pluton.


Hailed by most as one of the most elite tactical teams under the banner of the World Government and Marines, Cipher Pol No. 9 is feared by everyone who is unfortunate enough to cross paths with them or become their next operative target. Under the leadership of the cowardly, power-hungry Director Spandam, Cipher Pol No. 9 finds itself working at Water 7 at the time the Straw Hat Pirates arrive, tasked with taking important designs away from Iceburg. During their mission, they intercept, team up with, and eventually take Nico Robin back into custody so that she can answer for her alleged crimes against the World Government in the events that took place during the fall of Ohara.


Cipher Pol No. 9 was originally created by Eiichiro Oda for use within the One Piece manga franchise. Cipher Pol No. 9 first appeared in both One Piece: Volume 34 and in One Piece: Episode 230.

Cipher Pol No. 9's Involvement within the One Piece franchise (Anime/Manga)

Grand Line Saga: Water 7 Arc


Grand Line Saga: Enies Lobby Arc



NameDevil FruitRankDoriki
Rob LucciCat-Cat Fruit: Model LeopardAgent4000
KakuOx-Ox Fruit: Model GiraffeAgent2200
JabraMutt-Mutt Fruit: Model WolfAgent2180
BluenoDoor-Door FruitAgent820
KalifaBubble-Bubble FruitAgent630
General Information Edit
Concept Name Cipher Pol No. 9
Japanese Name: サイファーポールヌンバナイン
Romaji Name: Saifaa Pooru Nunba Nain
Aliases CP-9
1st manga book: One Piece #34
1st anime episode: One Piece #230
1st anime movie:
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