Churaumi! is an anime episode of Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho that was released on 07/04/2007

Plot Summary

RomajiChura Umi!
TV Air Date
July 4, 2007
MangaCh. 1-3 (Vol.1)
Theme Music
Opening"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Ending"Splash BLUE~太陽とレモネード~ (Splash Blue: Taiyou to Lemonade)" by Ayumi Murata, lyrics and composition by Urara Takai, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Insert"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno

On a summer-like day in May, Amuro Ninagawa and her father arrive by houseraft at Umineko City.

At Umineko High School’s swimming pool several swimming club members are either swimming or preparing to do so. Vice-captain Momoko Orizuka is practicing, with club manager Kaname Okiura timing her. As he recalls his fear of water, caused by a traumatic experience in his youth (he nearly drowned because of what he claims to be a mermaid pulling him under), Maki “Makio” Ikuta storms at them, bringing news of a house approaching from the sea. As Makio is trying to drag him with her to the beach, Kaname fails to clock Momoko’s time, enraging her. The still stressed out Makio takes the two of them to the beach. There, they join the spectators watching a house on a raft approaching the beach. On the raft they also see Amuro Ninagawa and her father, Masashi. Masashi wonders if the crowd consists of Amuro’s new classmates welcoming her and Amuro wonders if she will make any new friends. When the raft stops near the beach, Amuro jumps off and greets the crowd of spectators. While Kaname wonders if he has seen her before, she runs back to the raft to get a gift and returns with a live shark. As she presents it to Momoko, it attacks, tearing Momoko’s shirt and swimsuit to shreds. Next, she gives Kaname a closer look (and sniff) and like Kaname, she wonders if they have met before. Seeing Makio wearing a swimsuit she yells she likes to swim and swims away, stunning the others with her skill while Masashi watches on, saying she made some friends right away. Momoko is clearly interested in her swimming skills.

When arriving at school the next day, Kaname notices Amuro already being popular; many other students are surrounding her, several of them, especially Takeda Seito, taking pictures of her. Seeing Kaname, Amuro immediately goes to him and sticks to him like glue. They run into Momoko who invites Amuro over to the school’s swimming pool, where she challenges her to a 100 m race. Despite Kaname objecting to it (because Momoko is a very skilled swimmer), Amuro accepts and as they get ready, a crowd gathers along the pool’s fence. Since Amuro does not appear to know anything about competition swimming and jumps up at the start, Momoko loses track of her right away, only to see her gliding past underwater, smiling, after about half a lap. Amuro proves, despite her unconventional style, to be much faster… and unaccustomed to pools, as she swims straight into the wall at the end of the pool. As she cries a bit later, Momoko smugly claims victory, since she did finish the race.

Early the next morning the Ninagawas wake up and start barbequing some fish in front of their houseraft, moored at Onoshima Island, as Momoko and Kaname, still wondering if he has met her before, secretly watch from behind some rocks. Momoko trips and is spotted by Amuro, who invites her for breakfast. When she has finished breakfast, Amuro jumps on the raft and strips to go for a swim. As Momoko wonders if her animalistic behaviour is the cause of her swimming skills, Amuro invites her to join her, which she does, a shocked Kaname still watching. When he decides to leave for school, he is spotted by Amuro and dragged into the ocean. After Momoko tells her he cannot swim, Amuro rescues Kaname. Back ashore Amuro says she remembers where she has seen Kaname before, at Churaumi, a beautiful beach on Okinawa. Momoko is shocked to hear they came all the way from Okinawa on a raft.

Points of Interest

  • During the introduction of the swimming club, most of its members are shown, although they remain unnamed.
  • Amuro’s father remains unnamed.
  • The title refers to the place Amuro believes she has met Kaname.
  • The eyecatch image is similar to the first frame of chapter 2 of the manga.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the Anime, when the swimming club is first shown, more characters are shown (recognizable) than in the manga.
  • Takeda is formally introduced and shown as part of the crowd in the anime. In the manga he is not shown in the crowd and he is not named until chapter 12.
  • Amuro claiming to have met Kaname at Churaumi, which in the anime happens after Kaname and Momoko spied on the Ninagawas, happened in the manga right after Amuro wondered if she met Kaname for the first time.
  • In the anime Amuro rescues Kaname after dragging him into the ocean, in the manga Masashi fishes him out of the water.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mitsuru Hattori Original Concept Mitsuru Hattori is the artist and writer of the Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho manga series.


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