Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade is an anime series in the Chrono Crusade franchise
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Chrono Crusade is an anime directed by Kou Yuu.

Teenage exorcist Rosette Christopher works for Catholic agency The Magdalene Order in an alternate 1920s New York, sworn to protect the seven "Apostles," super-powered humans who have been appearing since the traumatic events of World War I. These individuals are the targets of the Sinners, a group led by Aion, a handsome renegade demon whose home dimension of Pandemonium may soon be sending other creatures through the crumbling defenses of our world.

Rosette works alongside renegade demon, Chrono, whose great powers are contained in the body of a young boy, locked away until Rosette unleashes them using a seal she wears around her neck-compare to Bastard. Each time she does this, she uses up a little of her own life force, and there is only a finite amount of it. She also uses a WWI government-issue Colt .45, which can fire holy bullets or special "Gospel" silver rounds etched with incantations, all provided for her by lecherous genius Edward "Elder" Hamilton, the monastic equivalent of 007's Q. Elder has an even more deadly prototype up his sleeve, a round with a demon actually sealed inside it, which releases a massive burst of power on impact. When Rosette steals it, the results are predictably disastrous.

Rosette has a personal reason for joining the Order-she is seeking her younger brother Joshua, missing for four years since he turned everyone else in their orphanage to stone and vanished, lured away by Aion. Chrono has his own motives for joining forces with her. He and Aion were both Sinners, and rebelled against the ruling powers of Pandemonium together. Aion betrayed him, cut off his horns-the source of a demon's control over his power-and gave them to Joshua.

Mistrustful nun Sister Kate Valentine entrusts Rosette and Chrono with protecting 12-year-old soprano Azmaria Hendrick, one of the Seven Apostles, who is in grave danger. Her foster father, tycoon Ricardo Hendrick, is really an undead devil-worshipper who serves the demon Viscount Lerajie. Ricardo plans to use Azmaria's powers to restore his own life and become immortal. The pair are joined in their mission by another powerful demon-fighter, red-haired orphan Stella Harvenheit, whose parents were killed by demons. Stella is known as the Jewel Witch because she can summon and control fiends using crystals. Using her jewels, Chrono's powers, and Rosette's trusty Colt, the trio risk their lives to protect Azmaria.

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Name Chrono Crusade
Name: クロノクルセイド
Romaji: Chrno Crusade
Publisher ADV
Start Year 2003
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Aliases Chrno Crusade
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