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   This image conveys a much different story than the disc labeling did.
 This image conveys a much different story than the disc labeling did.
It’s been a while since I’ve had this kind of simultaneous confusion and enticement. I’m not sure what to make of this CHROME SHELLED REGIOS. It seems like some odd fusion of a testosterone-pumped superhero sci-fi actioner and an estrogen-fueled private school rom com, and my brain’s knotted over trying to fit it into one box or another. Which is a good thing, actually, when you get as desensitized to fantasy as I get. I’m really not quite sure what to make of the bookend scenes on the desert planet. Are they flashbacks or flashforwards?  How can those kids accessorize so well in the wilderness? What connection do they have to rest of the episode?

Packaging wise, I was honestly expecting this to be some kind of odd compendium for something else. I was guessing it was board game like Stratego. As far as titles go, CHROME SHELLED REGIOS honestly isn’t that sexy, and the discs were labeled “Part One, Disc Two” instead of actually noting the episodes. So I was glad to pop this in and get one of the more griping openers I’ve seen in a while.

The barnacles are chewing the legs! The city’s going to fall! The calm voice on the intercom is lying! Aaaah!

So, right now, this is up there with GANTZ and REQUIEM FOR THE PHANTOM in the shows I hope to continue. My only gripe in this Chinese puzzle of telepathy and monsters and preppy uniforms is… has anybody worked out some kind of ratio for how often CG models actually look good in a largely 2D toon? Because the ships here frankly look like PS2 graphics (a step up from INITIAL D’s PS1 graphics cars.)

There’s probably also something to be said in how dubs find some creative cross-cultural bridges. The ditzy girl in this show probably wouldn’t sound anything like a valley girl in Japan, but having her American voice actor speak as such seems to be right on the money.

Watch this episode, “The Conscious City,” below and decide for yourself. This is the last of the DVDs I received from Funimation (for now?) Decide on which show you want me to continue by voting in this poll. Funimation is releasing the first two parts on February 11 and you can find out more about it here.  


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I haven't watched any of the dub of this show, but from what I've seen of the subs its rather standard flare. It's not dull, but its also not anything special. I'd still suggest watch and learn for Darker than Black or Claymore over this, but I would rewatch this for a watch and learn as well.
I really didn't like the new kid with secret past and extreme potential (to be unlocked) plot, but the action sorta makes up for it.
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I hadn't heard any of this show until Funimation put up the first four or so episode, but I do like it now. It's got me wanting to see it, and I think it's worth a look honestly.
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This isn't a bad show. There are a number of key things to pay attention to as the series goes on and the ending certainly confused me a bit. The action is fun but the real story takes a while to get going. Of your collection from FUNi this would be my second pick (even though I have no idea what the dub sounds like).

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This was an interesting show.  I didn't find it that interesting at first but stuck with it and was entertained and confused.  Amongst the group of shows to watch though I would recommend Phantom above this and Gantz, but you'll find interesting things to write no matter which one you chose.
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