Chrome Dokuro

Chrome Dokuro is a anime/manga character in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! franchise
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Chrome Dokuro (クローム 髑髏, Kurōmu Dokuro) is the Mist Guardian of the Vongola Family and a "disciple" of Mukuro.



Vongola Mist Guardian

Date of Birth:

December 5


13 years old, 23 in the Future (Taken from the Databook)


Trident, Demon Spade Evil Lens

Vongold Ring:

Ring of Mist

Box Weapon:

Gufo di Nebbia ver. Vongola (Mukuro)

Blood Type:






A young girl who wears a Kokuyo school uniform and shares the same 'pineapple' hairstyle as Mukuro. From what her parents talked about, she is a girl known as Nagi and lived a non-social life which made it hard for people to communicate with her. One day after rescuing a cat, she was badly injured in a car accident which lead her to lose her right eye and some of her organs. The only way to save her life would be to have someone with the same bloodtype to transfer their organs to her. She didn't care whether she lived or not and her parents refused the offer anyway. But after her meeting with Mukuro Rokudo, he allowed her to live by creating illusional organs.     Despite having an introverted personality, she kisses Tsuna on the cheek during their first meeting and calls him "boss". Chrome is also trying hard to learn Italian, since her goal is to someday be able to converse with Mukuro in Italian. Usually, Chrome is in control of her body, but if she is in an extremely dangerous situation, her body is surrounded by mist and Mukuro takes control, along with the body changing to Mukuro's appearance.     

Varia Arc and the Mist Guardian Battle

 Chrome vs Viper
 Chrome vs Viper
Chrome is first introduced when the Varia battle Tsuna's family for the right to hold the Vongola Rings and become the next head of the mafia family. Tsuna has no idea who will become the Mist Guardian of his family but is told by Reborn that it has already been decided and he's already sent off the half of the Mist Ring to the perfect candidate. She finally arrives while the two teams are waiting around for the Mist Guardian to arrive and battle the Varia's member, Viper. When Chrome arrives she kisses Tsuna on the cheek as
 Chrome using the Realm of Hell to create illusions
 Chrome using the Realm of Hell to create illusions
she is escorted by Ken and Chikusa. The battle begins and Chrome not only reveals that she sports a trident just like Mukuro and even uses some of the Six Paths of Reincarnation that he used as a weapon. 
However when her trident was shattered she started to faint as her connection with Mukuro was lost meaning her illusional organs started to disappear and she began to die. However Mukuro then took over as a mist filled the room and Chrome's body turned into an illusion of Mukuro who quickly and easily defeated Viper.



  • The Japanese rōmaji of her name, Kurōmu Dokuro, is an anagram of Mukuro Rokudo.
  • Her hairstyle is refereed to as a "Pineapple" hairstyle, but according to the fanbook she hates pineapples. 
  • Dokuro means "Skull" in Japanese, which is the symbol that adorns her eyepatch, however it can also mean "Poison Mist."
General Information Edit
Name: Chrome Dokuro
Name: クローム 髑髏 [凪]
Romanji: Kurōmu Dokuro
Gender: Female
Birthday: 12/05/1995
1st manga book: Reborn! #13
1st anime episode: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! #35
1st anime movie:
Aliases Chrome-chan
Stupid Girl
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Attractive Female
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Illusion Casting
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