Christmas! is an anime episode of K-On! that was released on 05/14/2009

Plot Summary

-Start flashback to when Yui and Ui were younger- It's Christmas time at the Hirasawa household and Yui and her sister Ui are preparing for it by decorating a Christmas tree. When Ui wishes for a White Christmas, Yui then decides to take the cotton out of some pillows and tosses it around the trees and ground outside, making it look like snow. Ui finds out that it is not real snow but cotton from a pillow. -End flashback-

The Light Music Club are discussing the idea of having a Christmas party and where it should be held. They ask Tsumugi if it can be held at her house, however they cannot because it would be on such short notice. So then the idea is perhaps it can be held at Ritsu's house, but Mio remarks that Ritsu's house is way too messy to hold a party. Ritsu makes a comeback by saying that Mio's house isn't the right place to hold the party either because she has panties all over her room. Ritsu even has pictures to prove it. Yui then suggests that the party be at her house because her parents are on a business trip. All are in favor of having it at Yui's house, so the Light Music Club decides that is where the Christmas party shall be.

When Yui gets home, she informs her sister Ui that the Light Music Club is going to be having a Christmas Party at their house. Ui thinks it would be best if Yui stayed out of the kitchen and just decorated. When Yui, Mio, and Ritsu go shopping for the gifts that they are going to be exchanging (some of which are cute and others that are really weird and freaky) they meet up with Tsumugi. Tsumugi has just won a trip to Hawaii but turns it down because she wants a board game to play at the Christmas party. When all the guests invited to the Christmas party arrive, they're ready to begin eating all the nice food that Ui cooked for the occasion. Unexpectedly, the Light Music Club's adviser Sawako joins them. Everyone wonders exactly how she was able to get in the house. With a nice little way of exchanging gifts (singing Jingle Bells and passing the gifts around until the song is finished) everyone opens up their gifts. A frightened Mio ends up with Sawako's gift (a creepy, comic book about zombies); Yui and Ui get the gifts they bought for each other (Yui needed mittens and Ui needed a scarf); Tsumugi gets Mio's gift (maracas); Ristu gets Nodoka's gift (a jar of something to be used or eaten at the end of the year); Sawako gets a jack-in-the-box toy, hitting her square in the head after she opens it, causing her to go insane. The group then moves on to the "talent show" portion of the party. When the party is all over, Yui and Ui say goodbye and see their guests out then go back inside. Yui goes over to her sisters room and asks if it would be all right if she slept with her tonight to which Ui replies yes. The two sisters snuggle with each other cutely before saying that it's really cold.

At a New Years festival Yui explains to Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi how her Christmas Break went. She basically just sat around and watched TV while her sister kept bringing her food. They're all surprised at how nice of a relationship the two sisters have with each other. They all pray for various things, Mio prays to lose weight, Yui prays for more tasty food, etc. Ritsu then tells them all that instead they should be praying for the Light Music Club instead. They all pray for the Light Music Club except Yui who prays that Tsumugi will bring more sweets to the club. Ritsu hits her over the head, so Yui prays that she will get better at playing the guitar. Yui asks if they should eat something on the way back from the festival prompting Ritsu to ask if Yui really didn't gain ANY weight at all over the Christmas break.

Points of Interest

  • This is a Christmas episode.
  • Ui shows off her ventriloquism talents in this episode with hand puppets.
  • Yui and Mio briefly try on a Santa costume in this episode.
  • Mio wears a Yukata during the last part of the episode.

Characters & Voice Actors

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