Chris Venstar

Chris Venstar is a anime/manga character in the Shaman King franchise
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He is a shaman and an X-Law member whose team's goal is to kill Hao Asakura.


 Venstar's Profile
 Venstar's Profile
His spirit ally is Metatron, the archangel. He is a former U. S. soldier who was in the Middle East and encounter Hao Asakura while fighting terrorists. According to Lady Jeanne in volume 16, Venstar has fought during the Gulf Wars.


Chris Venstar, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him.

Story Arcs

Journey to America for a period of 3 months (Patch's Test)

Venstar makes his first appearance after Marco kills Boris with his arch angel, Michael. In the caves, Venstar introduces himself with his team to Yoh's group. When Big Guy Bill ambushes the X-Laws, Venstar and his team defeat him by overwhelming him with their arch angels.

Back to Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

On match five of day two and round two, Venstar's team, X-III, fights Hao Asakura's Team Hoshi (Star). Venstar, Meene, and Cebin are the first ones to attack Hao, but Hao dodges their attacks and kills Meene instantly. Hao mocks the X-Laws and calls out Cebin, and Cebin tells Venstar that he is going next. Venstar sees Cebin kill after Hao's spirit of fire slams Cebin's angel on him. Venstar gets impale by the spirit of fire, and Venstar asks Radim if the barrier is strong enough to protect Lady Jeanne. Radim says yes, and Venstar reveals his special grenade that can extinguishes fire. Venstar yells long live Lady Jeanne and blows himself up with Hao. However, Venstar's attack is vain as Hao's spirit changes its element to water. Hao congratulates Venstar's team's efforts and rewards them by having the Spirit of Fire consume their souls.

Implications: (Speculations) Venstar knew Hao's spirit medium is air before his match due to having grenade in his pocket. Although Hao mocks the X-Laws' research, his death reveals Hao's Pentagram abilities.

Death: Venstar is killed by Hao Asakura and his soul is devoured by the Spirit of Fire. (In volume 16)

Flashback before Venstar's match on the X-Ark

 Venstar pats Lyserg on the head
 Venstar pats Lyserg on the head
He reassures Lyserg that their sacrifices will help the X-Laws to learn about Hao's spirit medium in order to defeat him.

Oversoul and Spirit Medium

Metatron the Archangel
Metatron the Archangel
Like the other X-Laws, Venstar's oversoul is Metatron's body. His spirit medium is a rocket launcher or a bazooka.

Anime and Manga Differences

General Information Edit
Name: Chris Venstar
Name: クリス・ブンスター
Romanji: Kurisu Bunsutaa
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Shaman King #12
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Bunstar
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