Choose ~A Song Of Happiness~

Choose ~A Song Of Happiness~ is an anime episode of Kampfer that was released on 12/10/2009

Shizuku invites Natsuru over to her house, despite the whole near-rape thing, in order to warn him about Kaede. Apparently, Shizuku managed to steal Kaede's favorite Zomotsu Animal doll, Burnt Alive Lion, from her house. He reveals that the Kampfers are essentiall fighting a proxy war between two planets in another solar system, and that the Moderators had chosen them to be Kampfers to fight this war instead of killing any more of the people on those planets. Before they can drag any more answers out of him, the Lion suddenly falls asleep.

Shizuku takes Natsuru into her room, lays him on the bed, then uses the power of her kiss (don't even bother asking how this is possible) to reveal to Natsuru the suggestions that were planted in his mind beforehand. But of course, Natsuru being the dense motherfucker that he is, decides to go to Kaede's house to see if Shizuku is telling the truth. Kaede derides him for being an idiot who couldn't even fuck a single girl when she told him to, then controls his mind again and turns him back into Femme!Natsuru.

Back at school, Mikoto, Akane and Shizuku all were given messages from Natsuru to meet on the roof, but find out (surprise!) it was a trap set by the White Kampfers. After the White Kampfers finish their speeches and the others finish their henshin sequences, the White team is all knocked out after barely ten seconds of fighting. However, Femme!Natsuru appears and throws a bunch of fireballs at her teammates. Shizuku concludes that he's being mind-controlled again, before Sakura appears with a gun and a sword and knocks them all out.

When they wake up tied to each other, Sakura reveals that she is some kind of super Kampfer who was gay for Femme!Natsuru, and apparently her aim was to have some kind of lesbian harem. Oh, and she also killed Shizuku's best friend. But rather than kill the three red and blue Kampfers like she said she would, she leaves the task to the mind-controlled Femme!Natsuru. Natsuru prepares a giant fireball, but then sees the sea-slug trinket in Shizuku's pocket and decides not to kill them.

Suddenly, the others break free of their chains and somehow obtain a battle aura so strong it rips parts of their own clothes off. While their respective dolls start singing a badly-mangled version of Ode to Joy in the background, the good guys stomp all over the White Kampfers with their increased powers. Kaede tries to control Natsuru again, but Natsuru ends up turning into a boy instead, pissing off Kaede as she retreats with the other White Kampfers.

At the end of the episode, Shizuku, Akane, and Mikoto all want to jump the male Natsuru's bones, but Natsuru suddenly starts thinking of how beautiful the moon looks as the three girls tug parts of his body toward each other.

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