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Chobits is an anime series in the Chobits franchise
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Chii is a Chobit that Hideki finds (practically) naked in the trash. He activates and befriends her, finding her ignorant innocence endearing. Chii's past is quite mysterious and a big focus in the series.

Chitose Hibiya


One of the two persocoms looking for Chi. Her role is to protect Zima both physically and as a pro-active firewall, hacking into any persocom who tries to hack into Zima and shutting it down.

Hideki Motosuwa

Hideki is a 19 year old who is studying at a cram school to get into University . He desires a persecom and one night he finds Chi in the trash. He is the protagonist of chobits.

Hiromu Shinbo

Hiroyasu Ueda


Minoru Kokubunji


Hiromu's Persocom and also Hideki's very tiny companion.

Takako Shimizu

Hideki and Shinbo's Cram School Teacher

Yumi Omura

A 17 year old girl who works at a Japanese pub know as "My Pleasure".She also dislikes any human size persocoms.


A persocom created by Minoru Kokubunji that is modeled after his dead sister.


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