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In the future expensive robots called Persocoms can be bought. Hideki is a poor prep-school student and can't afford a Persocom. One day he comes across an exceptionally cute Persocom in the trash. Why would anyone throw away something as expensive and amazing as a Persocom?


In the future, personal computers have developed into "Persocoms", mobile computers that look like human beings while having all the capabilities of computers. Hideki Motosuwa, a prep school student, desperately wants to buy a Persocom for his "personal" reason but cannot afford to. One day he finds a naked Persocom that has been thrown away and decides to keep it. When he turns on the Persocom, all she can say is "Chi" so he decides to name her that. Even though Chi cannot do what other persocoms do, Hideki decides to keep her anyway. Having no experience with computers at all Hideki start asking around his friends to check on her to see what Chi is capable of, only to realize no normal persocom can access her, let alone check her specs.After a while it starts to become apparent that Chi is more than an average Persocom. Having much better performance, it seems that Chi might be a "Chobit", a type of advanced Persocom rumored to have independent thought.
As story progress instead of using Chi as a computer, Hideki spends his time teaching various things to Chi, as if he was taking care of a girl with amnesia. At the same time Chi starts to have feelings toward Hideki, but the thought of persocom loving human troubles both Chi and Hideki.


Hideki Motosuwa

Main character of the show. Hideki came from country side of Japan to city area to study at cram school. When he came to the city, he can't help but to notice all persocoms in the city. This make Hideki want to get one for himself, but he cannot afford one since he spends most of his money for his living and his cram school. On his way from late night cram school class, Hideki finds persocom that is in perfectly fine condition. Thinking that he got himself a free persocom Hideki takes it to his room and activiates, only to realize persocom is broken and can only say 'chi', and so Hideki names the persocom Chi.


A persocom with its memory wiped. When she met Hideki for the first time she could not recall anything before her encounter with Hideki. Only thing she could do was make 'chi' sound, hence where she got her name from. Everyday Chi learns new things from Hideki which leads to embarrassing situation for Hideki such as getting her dress or getting her a girls' underwear. Little that they had known that Chi is actually a "Chobit", the rumored advanced persocom that is supposed to surpass all persocom, but has ability to feel emotions such as love.

Hiromu Shinbo

Hideki's new best friend ever since he moved to city, going to the same cram school as him.


Shinbo's mobile persocom, which is equivalent of today's laptop computer. Compared to normal persocom that has same body size as human, mobile persocomes are small as person's fist. 

Chitose Hibiya

Landlady of apartment where Hideki is staying.

Minoru Kokubunji

Twelve-year-old boy genius, who is wealthy enough to have ten persocoms. Shinbo contacted Minoru through BBS to find more about relation between Chi and Chobits.


Minoru's persocom, who is more special than any other persocoms he has. Mainly because Yuzuki is modeled after Minoru's sister, who passed away.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Kei-taro Takanami
Katsuto-shi Kitagawa
Dan Miyakawa
Hisashi Abe
Chikako Shibata
Shinichiro Minami
Mitsuo Hashimoto
Morio Asaka
Kaoru Suzuki
Hiroyuki Tanaka

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General Information Edit
Name Chobits
Name: ちょびっツ
Romaji: Chobitsu Tsu
Publisher Madhouse Studios
Start Year 2002
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