Debate: Did Chizuna really give up and die?

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As we all know, Chizuna does die after battling her disease for about 16 years, I've heard two opinions:
Some believe that Chizuna just gave up and died to avoid suffering anymore and that she is a coward.
Others believe that Chizuna fought until the end and that her speech to Kazuna before she died was just her acceptance of reality.
I can see the logic in both, now I want your opinion. What do you think AND why?

And Here's The Last Conversation, To Help You Think It Over
Chizuna: It's ok, I don't need to go to the hospital.
Chizuna: I'm okay, just let me sleep.
She lies back with her eyes closed as he stares worriedly.
Kazuna: Could this be her last night?
Chizuna wakes up.

Chizuna: Kazuna...You stayed with me.
I'm right here. There's nothing to worry about.
Chizuna: Kazuna, don't leave me. Stay with me tonight.
Kazuna: Chizuna...Let me call Minase-san. It's best for you, I promise.
Chizuna: Don't...Please...Don't...There's nothing Minase-san can do to alter my fate now. Kazuna...I'm so sorry. Forgive me. If I'd never allowed us to get so'd have been better off. You'd have been in pain, but you'd be supported now by kind people. I saw this happening long ago. But I couldn't help it. I wanted you all for myself. Being around you...helped me finally escape from father's shadow. I love a Brother. Not as father's replacement. I mean it. I swear on my life. Thank you.
Kazuna: I have no regrets, Chizuna. I'm glad we became close...and I'm glad I got to love you.
Chizuna: Ever since I met you, I've had you all to myself.But now...I release you...and give you back to her. To Yaegashi-san. Thanks for all you did for me. Even if it was out of pity...I'm happy you were here.
Kazuna delivers he's speech about dieing with Chizuna, but she protests. Chizuna dies and Kazuna promises to be with her soon.

So, what do YOU think?
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