Chiyo is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Chiyo is an extremely skilled Chef who was once the Head Chef of a 10 Star Restaurant. She is also a highly skilled member of the Gourmet Corps.


Chiyo's Origin is mostly unknown, but at some point in the past she was in a combo with Chin Chinchin and became an assistant master at the Shokurin Temple. She was also the previous Head Chef of "Disappearing Cuisine" a 10 Star Restaurant and her skills as a chef were regarded by some as near equal to those of the Gourmet National Treasure Setsuno. After the death of her son which she had with her combo partner Chin, she defected to join the Gourmet Corps in an effort to find the hidden course on Acacia's Full Course Menu to try and revive him.


Chiyo was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as a major antagonist in the Toriko series.

Character Evolution


Chiyo appearance is that of a relatively small elderly woman with a thin frame. Her eyes tend to be closed but on the rare occasion she opens them they appear blank and have no iris. Her hair is blonde in the manga (Changed to lilac in the anime) and tied into two buns. Her outfit is comprised of a small shirt and a pair of pants with a small apron covering them and tied at her back. Much like her combo partner and lover Chin Chinchin, she does not seem to have any visible nose.

Major Story Arcs

Bubble Fruit Arc

Chiyo is first seen as Toriko and Chin Chinchin are walking on Bubble Way, atop her pet beast along with the Chef Ootake and a Scum Beast, an artificial beast created by the Gourmet Corps for their nefarious purposes, on her way to the Shokurin Temple. As she arrives the temple, as a form of self-defence, turns everything in the area invisible, much to her amusement claiming that the temple is as cowardly as ever. She then releases a wave of intimidation powerful enough to force everything to turn visible again, which completely shocks everyone present.

After dismounting her pet bird, she notes that everyone has got much stronger in her absence. When questioned as to her sudden arrival, she tells them that she is planning to move on into the Gourmet World and that she just came to say goodbye. She inquired as to the location of Chin Chinchin, and when she never received an answer, she states that the branches of the temple have fallen as she draws out her kitchen knives, stating further that Food Immersion, the secret of the Shokurin Temple can’t be allowed to threaten them by saying she will cut it out at the root.

One of the temples Assistant Masters Wagon, decided to draw out his Deba Nunchuck in an effort to protect the temple, and after drawing it he warmed up using Food Honour. Chiyo praised him saying that he has learned some new skills, but then told him that his form still had a lot of useless movements, which Wagon thought was amusing going as far as to goad her into showing her skill then. She obliged and said that she already did, as wagon then realises that the skin organs and muscles in his chest had been completely cut out leaving nothing but bone behind.

After killing Wagon, she assumed a far more sinister pose stating that it won’t hurt if they don’t fight back, causing all of the assistant masters present to bring up their guard and prepare for attack. She starts attacking them relentlessly, starting by removing all the skin and muscle on one of the assistant masters arms, joking about the method she used after it was removed, telling them again that she did warn them it would hurt if they resisted. Koppowo fired off one of his own techniques while she was facing away from him in an effort to try and hit her before she could block, but it was ineffective as she simply used her “Chopping Board Shield” to protect herself and then fired off her “One Blade-Thunder Cut” in his direction forcing him to back off.

Chin however arrives in time to stop her from hurting anyone else and powers himself up in preparation to fight her. He asks her on their first date in a long time to which she mockingly says that it will in fact be their last date. And as Chin jumps into the air in an effort to draw her to another location, she manages to impale her hand straight into his chest, much to the shock of everyone present. She laughs at how the fight is now over and that history of Food Honour will die with him, she is amused however when Chin manages to restrain her arm.

After Toriko arrives on the battlefield, Chin decides to lock himself and Chiyo in his Spoon Dome to battle it out in peace. While they are inside the Spoon Dome, she questions him as to who exactly Toriko is, wondering if he is his final disciple since he puts so much faith into his power. Chin affirms it saying that their names are the only names he can remember bar hers, which leads her to assume that they have a similar level of talent to her.

After an unseen battle in the Spoon Dome, Chin emerges from it seemingly victorious, only for it to be revealed that Chiyo was the real victor, having viciously beaten Chin.

After he falls to the ground with tremendous force, she continues her relentless attack by landing on him forcing him further into the ground. She goads them to try and have appreciation despite the situation, and after Chin tries to explain to her his feelings when she told him the reason for joining the Gourmet Corps she simply stomps on his face telling to just hurry up and die and take Food Honour with him to hell

After dealing with Chin, she turns to Toriko, claiming she will now have to kill the person who inherited Food Honour. As Toriko gauges her power, stating that she could be in the same league as Setsuno, it reminds Chiyo that she is going to have to kill Setsuno too at some point. She tells Toriko that she will show him her special knife technique that is apparently worth 100 million yen per stroke of the blade, to which Toriko replies that if an abomination like her is swinging the knife its not even worth a single yen.

She begins the fight by trying to remove his skin muscles and organs in his chest region only for it to be blocked just in time by Toriko’s Fork Shield, and as he jumped into the air to fire off his Leg Knife, which she called slow, she realised that while he was bring up his own shield, he managed to pin one of her feet to the ground leaving her unable to dodge, which forced her to bring up her Chopping Board Shield in an attempt to block his attack.

Toriko fired a barrage of Leg Knifes at her which eventually broke straight through her Chopping Board Shield, much to her own amazement. And after it was destroyed she immediately jumped straight towards him on the offensive, trying to attack him with both of her knives simultaneously. Toriko however countered by hitting both of the knives simultaneously with his Nail Punch, cancelling out both of their attacks and sending them plummeting down into the ground.

After the smoke clears, its revealed that Chiyo suffered a serious wound from the clash, which also broke both of her knives. Toriko muses over the fact that the knives have been made worthless now, which causes her to draw out her favourite knife. She explains to him that she didn’t want to get it dirty, using it on a filthy human such as him, and as she prepares to attack once again, Ootake tells her to stop as Starjun has finally arrived.

Starjun tells her to remain where she is, as their business here is over and there is no reason for them to stay any longer. Ootake takes her atop her flying pet which they use to fly towards the Big Bang Shark Starjun brought in as a method of escape.

After they manage to get away from the temple, Starjun tells her that he was disappointed in her playing around like that, but she tells him that she suffered a near fatal wound in her battle with Chin and that her fight with Toriko came at a bad time.

Cooking Festival Arc

Chiyo is seen gathering with fellow Gourmet Corps members Starjun, Grinpatch, Elg, Tommyrod and Limon, as they prepare to head out towards the island hosting the Cooking Festival from their Headquarters in the Gourmet World.

After their arrival at the Cooking Festival, Chiyo along with Elg and Limon, descended into the cooking stadium not long after the fighting broke out in order to begin their final mission and capture as many top ranking chefs as possible.

Chiyo, after entering the main stadium, went straight to start a battle with her old rival, Gourmet National Treasure Setsuno. She used her cutting skills to strip down two of her organizations own beasts before they could get a chance to attack her. She started to say to her that she would have got the title of Gourmet National Treasure if it wasn't for her.

Setsuno questions how far she has fallen, fighting with the Gourmet Corps. But Chiyo tells her that she has not fallen at all, she has simply moved onto the next stage, starting her attack lunging forward with her newly repaired cooking knives in an attempt to deal heavy damage to the National Treasure. Setsuno, after blocking her advances, states that she thought they would have settled this with their cooking skills, which Chiyo tells her is happening right now, and that the loser will be cooked by the winner and turned into pig feed.

As their fight draws out, Chiyo starts to run out of breath, and asks Setsuno if she is lowering the air pressure, which she affirms stating she has lowered it to around 20% of what is usually is, pointing out that a normal human would be incapable of taking a single step due to the lack of oxygen, and commends Chiyo noting that its likely because of her own mastery of Food Honour. Chiyo however asks her if she thinks it's a mistake, lowering the air pressure around her by this much, as she charges forward for another series of attacks, only for both of their attempts to fail. Chiyo notes that by lowering the air pressure around her, she is also inadvertently lowering the air resistance thereby making all her attacks and movements faster, stating that this newfound speed along with her delicate cooking skills makes her an unstoppable force.

Just as Setsuno begins an attack of her own however, Kuribo appears behind her and grabs her in his hand. Chiyo then watches as Kousairou uses his Calorie Consumption technique on her, followed by an attack by Zaus, who uses his One Blade Cycle of Reincarnation Cut to slice straight down her body. Chiyo looks on as Setsuno becomes enraged by these actions and breaks free of Kuribos hold, and begins to question their actions as well as recount the true history of the Cooking Festival, and stating that the Dark Chef Joa was in fact the first winner of the Cooking Stadium.

Setsuno then turns to Zaus and berates him for dropping his guard against Joa, but Zaus tells her that he never dropped his guard, and then goes on to show her what it looks like when someone drops their guard. Zaus then fires his blade straight through Chiyo's chest to make his point, both shocking her and dealing near fatal damage. Chiyo however, despite this wound, draws out her favourite Kitchen Knife in an attempt to attack him, but before she could Kousairou jumped in and used his Calorie Consumption on her, draining what energy she had left and leaving her to pass out.

Human World Arc

Chiyo later awakens in the Country of Healing "Life", after Midora's Meteor Spice fell on the Human World. She awakens in a bed, covered in bandages to Chin Chinchin asking if she is alright. Confused at what is occurring, she asks where she is, and Setsuno replies to her saying that she should rest some more, and just before Chiyo has the chance to question her Setsuno tells her that she doesn't need to say anything and that the best thing she could do it get some sleep. Her mind drifts briefly over her words, until Chiyo realises that Chin is crying and as she looks at him he exclaims that he was extremely happy she was not dead as he didn't want to experience the loss of another member of his family.

Chiyo looks at him with care and affection, just as Nono enters and tells Setsuno that everything is in order. Setsuno then explains to her the state of the Human World and great importance of the remaining chefs, including them.

Powers and Abilities


Chiyo is a highly skilled chef and a very powerful opponent. Prior to her fall, she was one of the greatest chefs in the world, ranking in the top 5 consistently, and even earning the lucrative title of Super Cook. She also stated that had it not been for Setsuno, she would have earned the title of Gourmet National Treasure. Her skills with a knife have a monetary value attached to them, costing a person 100 million yen for a single swing of her knife. These skills are gained from her many years of training, exposure, and mastery of Food Honour. She was also the Head Chef of the famous restaurant Disappearing Cuisine, which also adds to her skill as a chef as many of the items on its menu are notoriously difficult to prepare. It is also safe to assume that she is skilled with Revitalizing Kitchen Knifes as a number of ingredients on the menu require skill with them.

Her combat skills are highly notable, and are a combination of her skills as a chef coupled with her mastery of Food Honour. Thanks to this combination, her extreme speed allows her to use her knife in extraordinary ways, such as removing organs and skin from an unsuspecting target with a single swing of her knife The cuts are flawless to the point where the person who is cut will not feel any pain at all, noted when Wagon was unaware that she had removed all his skin muscle and organs in his chest, and only died from his wounds when he realized himself what had just happened.

She makes full use of her equipment during battle, brandishing two kitchen knifes of similar appearance during a battle in order to use her famed cutting techniques. She does have a favourite knife that she can draw out to use in their place, but its strength and any abilities specific to it are unknown at this point. She is able able to throw small sharp objects with great speed and power, shown during her bout with Setsuno at the Cooking Festival.

Physically, she is very adept despite her appearance, able to make incredible jumps without difficulty, and is strong enough to near stalemate Toriko's kugi punch with the tip of her knife, despite the latters training in Food Immersion and Food Honour. She is also strong enough to physically pierce Chin Chinchin in his powered up form with no visible effort on her part, and was able to break through his specialized dome, which he noted himself to be almost impossible for anyone bar himself to open. She did however only open it after defeating him so the specifics of this are unknown.

Also despite her appearance she is deceptively fast, being able to land a fatal cut on Wagon without him even realizing she had moved, and was able to cover a decent distance and impale Chin in his chest before he could react and stop her, despite the later jumping into the air and prepared to do battle with her.

Her stamina and durability are both complimented by her skill in Food Honour, and are shown during her fight with Toriko, in which Chin had managed to fatally injure her and yet she fought on regardless of the disadvantage. She was also able to do battle with Setsuno despite Setsuno lowing the air pressure around her to around 20% of the norm, a feat that earned her praise from Setsuno who said that most people would have been stopped by that point.


Dual Kitchen Knifes - Chiyo's two kitchen knives which she has been shown to primarily use in battle. Little detail is known about these other than their appearance which is mostly pain.

Chiyos "Favourite" Knife - Chiyos favourite knife which she only brings out if she is serious. It's appearance is far more intricate than her other knives, having a black blade with small designs etched into the blade which is styled in an exotic fashion.


Chopping Board Shield - Chiyo brings out a large chopping board and utilizes it as a shield against powerful attacks. It was strong enough to take a barrage of Toriko's powerful Leg Knives before it finally broke under the duress of the constant barrage.

One Blade - Thunder Cut - Chiyo spins herself like a drill towards her target with her knife outstretched in order to stab them. It's strong enough that she does no require direct contact with the knife itself to deal damage.

Judas Tree Peeling - Chiyo uses Food Honour and her legendary knife skills to cut her opponents arm into a single long sheet of skin and muscle. In so doing the skin and muscle is separated from the bone and flies off as a single sheet and there is seemingly no blood loss, or pain.

Food Pressure

Chiyo is also skilled in the art of Food Pressure, the counter to Food Honour, which instead of using gratitude to control food, uses a threatening nature to force control over food. She uses it in order to force Shokurin Temple to appear despite it being made of very elusive materials.

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Name: Chiyo
Name: 千代 (ちよ)
Romanji: Chiyo
Gender: Female
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Aliases Delicate Cooking Chiyo
Old Lady Chiyo
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