Chiru is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Chiru is the Head Chef of the legendary 10-star restaurant "Disappearing Cuisine" and is the 15th best chef in the World by the IGO. She succeeded Chiyo as the Head Chef and is a former pupil of Shokurin Temple.


Chiru's origins are vaguely touched upon. It is known that she was a pupil at Shokurin Temple and that she learned Food Honor there. Presumably this is when she met National Treasure Chin Chinchin. She was also the successor of Disappearing Cuisine after her mentor Chiyo left the position.


Chiru is a Supporting protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Not much has changed with Chiru's character, but during the events of the Cooking Festival battle, Chiru deliberately revealed her gender which she had kept secret before for unknown reasons.


Chiru is a slightly tall woman with light skin with a rather muscular physique. She has short cut black hair, but usually keeps her hair and face hidden behind a mask and bandanna. With one exception, her whole body is always covered aside from her eyes in a scarlet uniform and a white apron. When she removed her mask, it revealed that she also has black painting marks on her face.


Chiru is a very respectful woman of a calm demeanor. She only showed herself to panic once when Knocking Master Jirou paralyzed everyone of Cooking Island and caused a tsunami to come their way.


Komatsu - Chiru has a great deal of respect for Chef Komatsu. Despite not even being able to touch Bubble Fruits just months before, Komatsu came back to her and asked her to teach him how to prepare them. Not only did Komatsu learn quickly, but his skill in preparing them exceeded Chiru's after experimenting with the preparation. Chiru admits that she is envious of Komatsu's skill.

Chiyo - The extent of Chiru's relationship with Chiyo is unknown, but Chiru says that her skill is inferior to her predecessor's.

Chin Chinchin - Not much is revealed about their relationship, but Chiru knew Master Chin when she arrived at Shokurin Temple to heal him.

Story Arcs

Bubble Fruit Arc

She welcomes Toriko and Komatsu to her restaurant which they managed to find despite the fact that it can turn invisible. She prepares her delicate special preparation dishes for them, however due to their lack of etiquette, Toriko and Komatsu barely managed to sample anything.

Later, she rushed from Disappearance Cuising to Shokurin Temple, sensing danger there. She was delayed by a Big Bang Shark on the way. Nevertheless, she arrives shortly after Chiyo and Ootake had left and found a wounded Master Chin Chinchin there. She used the Dark Technique: Revitalizing Kitchen Knife on Master Chin to rapidly heal his wounds he sustained from battling Chiyo. Chiru is informed of her mentor Chiyo's betrayal, much to Chiru's disappointment. But afterwards, Toriko and Komatsu head to Center Human world to challenge the nearly imminent Four Beast threat and Chiru bids them farewell.

Four Beast Arc

It is revealed that after Komatsu and Toriko learned Food Honor from Shokurin Temple, Komatsu returned to Disappearing Cuisine and asked Chiru to teach him how to prepare the special preparation ingredient, the Bubble Fruit.

Later during the Four Beast invasion, Chiru as well as the majority of the top 20 ranked chefs came to Center Human World to prepare as many of Yuda's Purple Mochi as possible as it was the antidote for the poison that the Four Beast had infected approximately 100,000,000 people with. It could only be prepared by chefs of the highest caliber such as Chiru, however Chef Komatsu simplified the method within 10 minutes to allow ordinary chefs to prepare the antidote. Chiru expressed her respect and jealousy of Komatsu as she knew that his talent was even greater than hers. The chefs successfully saved the populace of Center Human World without a single fatality being reported.

Cooking Festival Arc

Chiru participated in the Cooking Festival and was one of the chefs to pass the preliminaries. Her first championship round opponents was Chinese Emperor Reishun. But they never got to compete due to the sudden invasion of the Bishokukai. She fought alongside her fellow Chefs including Chef Yuda and Chef Livebearer. Chiru explained that their Scum Beast opponents were somehow versed in the art of Food Honor. She then removed her mask and in doing so, revealed her gender to be female. She engages one of the Bishokukai Golems but was pushed back by it's strength. Yuda joins her to combat the beast, but Damala Sky XIII averted their attention to the sky, which to their horror was swarming with an army of similar monsters coming their way. Chiru had just about given up hope for survival, when suddenly all the beasts in the sky and the ground fell to their deaths. Strolling in came Heavenly King Zebra who single-handedly dispatched the army with one use of his Shioto technique.

Later, Chiru along with everyone present on the island outside Joa, Setsuno and Starjun were paralyzed by Knocking Master Jirou's Grand Knocking technique. Chiru became frightened because a side-effect of the technique caused a gargantuan tsunami to form and head in their direction. Disaster was ironically averted by Joa who was the true enemy of them all and he dispersed the tsunami.

Billion Bird Arc

Chiru was among the chefs present when Toriko and Komatsu had brought the recently retrieved Billion Bird egg from the first Biotope Restroom.

Powers & Abilities

Chef Skill:

Chiru is considered the 15th greatest Chef in the world by the IGO. She is one of the only people in the world who's skill is at the caliber of a 10 star restaurant. She is well versed in Food honor and has shown the skill to prepare numerous special preparation ingredients. Perhaps due to her exceptional skill in Food Honor, Chiru appears to be one of the stronger chefs physically and in combat.


  • Cherry Blossom Fervent Dance - Uses the shock wave from her knives to stab her opponents. The shock waves are pink petals.
  • Dark Technique: Revitalizing Kitchen Knife - Chiru is one of the few chefs that know this technique. It allows the user to literally stab a person but not inflict harm on them, in fact quite the opposite. It rapidly heals and revitalizes them.
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Name: Chiru
Name: 千流(ちる)
Romanji: Chiru
Gender: Female
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