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Chin Chinchin is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Chin Chinchin is one of the fabled Gourmet National Treasures, and the current head Shokurin Temple. Prior to this he was the lover of and a combo to the Gourmet Corps famous chef Chiyo.


Chin Chinchin's origin is largely unknown, but at one point in the past he formed a combo with Chiyo and fathered a son with her which they both loved very much. He also was inducted into the IGO's highly exclusive 0th Biotope and became the master of Shokurin Temple teaching others in the art of Food Honour. After the death of their son, Chiyo left him and at some point joined the Gourmet Corps in an effort to try and revive him.


Chin Chinchin was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as a supporting character in the Toriko series.

Character Evolution


Chin is a short elderly man with a large mustache and a small ring of hair on his head similar to a monks. Despite his small size he apparently is quite heavy, due to his skill and exposure to Food Honour. He wears a small pair of glasses and has traditional Chinese clothing that is coloured red and has a white trim with the symbol for Food Honour on his shirt in yellow colouring. His hair mustache is coloured a bright orange (In the anime this is changed to grey) in the manga and much like his combo partner Chiyo he appears to lack a visible nose.

His appearance changes to that of a very muscular and larger man when he activates his full power.

Major Story Arcs

Bubble Fruit Arc

Toriko and Komatsu first meet Chin Chinchin for the first time at the 10 Star Restaurant "Disappearing Cuisine" while following the Ehou Maki. Komatsu and Toriko admire Chin’s ability to eat the food they found extremely difficult to actually eat so quickly. Once Chin Chinchin is finished eating he strikes up a conversation with the two of them, informing them that Ichiryuu told him that they would be coming, informed them that acquiring the Bubble Fruit is no easy matter, asking them to come with him as he left the restaurant. Before leaving he asks Head Chef Chiru as to the whereabouts of the previous Head Chef Chiyo, disappointed at the news she has still not be heard from.

On their way through the Lost Forest, Chin Chinchin tells them the history of Chiyo, and that she used to be in a combo with him together. Putting that aside he tells them to watch their footing from this point on, as the ground beneath Toriko and Komatsu vanishes. He tells them that the forest is made from the same material as the Disappearing Cuisine Restaurant and as such it will only appear to those to have good food honour and etiquette. He also tells them that the reason the Ehou Maki disappeared as well as a large portion of the landscape was because he took it, much to Toriko’s surprise.

After he tells them both to show gratitude and respect to the place the scenery in front of them, they are finally able to see the Shokurin Temple before them. He warns them before they start to climb the steps that they must remember their manner when entering the temple, a warning Toriko does not heed as the second he placed his foot on the steps, small spikes sprung up and through his foot, including setting off a boulder fall trap. He tells them that the temple is not just made from materials that vanish, but it also has materials that will attack anyone with bad manners.

It’s at this point that the temple starts a fire to try and get rid of the people inside with very bad manners. Chin however utilizes his Spoon technique in order to pick up the flames and extinguish them before they can do serious damage to the temple. He gives them one final warning that unless they have excellent Food Honour, they will never be able to pick up the Bubble Fruit.

As they walk through the temple, he tells them about the mechanics behind Food Honour, noting that it’s all about constant appreciation and respect to all things, not just food and ingredients. As they enter the main courtyard of the temple, he tells them about the type of people currently at the temple trying to learn Food Honour. He lets them know that the vast majority of people currently at the temple are convicts sentenced to come here and study Food Honour by the Gourmet Courts. He tells them that it’s a place of rehabilitation as opposed to a lifelong sentence served at the Honey Prison. He also tells them that even if they do run away before they complete their training, they will simply get lost in the forest and will never find their way out.

At this point Assistant Master Shuu arrives and greets them and Chin Chinchin introduces them and tells Toriko and Komatsu that their training will begin now under the supervision of Assistant Master Shuu. Before they parted ways however, Toriko and Komatsu are informed by Shuu that Chin Chinchin was the one who scooped up the mountain and dropped it into the Death Falls when they were trying to get to the Shining Gourami, much to their shock and amazement. He tells them that Ichiryuu had requested that he train them in Food Honour, and that he used the mountain as a test to see if they were worthy. Before leaving with Shuu, he tells them both that if they master Food Honour, he will teach them Secret Food Techniques.

Once Toriko and Komatsu had mastered the art of Food Honour, Chin Chinchin appears in the sky above them and impacts the ground hard enough to make a small crater in front of them. He congratulates Toriko and Komatsu on their efforts and completion of their training and says that from this point on he will take over the training directly. He leads them to the bubble fruit garden in the Temple and tells them to take one from it, stating that given their level of Food Honour now it should be possible for them. After they succeed in taking one, he explains to them that these Bubble Fruits are simply training mechanisms to prepare students to practice and be able to touch the real thing. He also tells them that the real fruit is located down a path at the back of the temple and that he will lead them to it now, saying that this is the only act of training he will be giving them.

He leads Toriko and Komatsu to the “Bubble Way”, a small path at the back of the temple covered in bubbles, he tells them that the training is to simply walk to the end of the path and retrieve the bubble fruit. Toriko finds this hard to believe and Master Chin Chinchin elaborates saying that including him, only one other person can walk the path at the same time as him, and that no other food can be brought along, he further explains that this is due to the nature of the Bubble Fruit itself, being extremely shy and jealous. He also tells them that should they reach the end they will also acquire secret Food Techniques. Toriko agrees to walk with him and tells Komatsu to wait here for his return as Chin and Toriko set off down Bubble Way.

As they walk down the road together, Toriko inquires as to the special techniques he will learn from completing this task. Chin Chinchin tells him about “Food Immersion” and that it’s the ability to completely immerse one’s self in the meal, Toriko tells him he already does that but Chin Chinchin tells him the method in this case is very different.

After they have spent days walking on the road, Toriko begins to falter due to the lack of food and water on the road and starts to ask Chin Chinchin questions about the road and how many people have actually made it to the end and picked a Bubble Fruit. He tells him that quite a few people have made it to the end but the last one was the Gourmet Knights leader Aimaru. This comes as a great shock to Toriko as he never once thought Aimaru had the power to do something like this. As they continue on walking and Toriko starts to falter more, Chin Chinchin starts to tell him about his own body weight saying that he weights around 1 ton. He tells him that this is because of “Food Immersion”, explaining that he can operate for months without food or water due to his ability to immerse himself in his meals and take in more food than normally possible, and then store that excess energy in his body for use at a later time. He further elaborates that there is no shortcut to this and that it is something that will come when one becomes fully and truly immersed in their meals.

Further on down the road, Chin senses a familiar presence back at the temple which worries him and he thinks to himself that he must hurry before something bad happens. At this point Toriko collapses to his knees nearly unable to continue which leads Master Chin to believe he is at his limit, and he is surprised to see Toriko activate his autophagy in an effort to continue on which impresses him.

After Toriko finally accepts total immersion, and the Bubble Fruits finally bloom, Chin tells him that its only when he was near death could he finally be truly thankful for food, and that he should now eat the fruit and become totally immersed in it. As Toriko eats a raw Bubble Fruit, he tells him that despite the fact they are perfectly edible and tasty raw, they are far better if they are properly cooked. He further explains what it means to be fully immersed in food, and then tells Toriko that there are plenty of Bubble Fruits here, and that he can go ahead and immerse himself as much as he desires using his spoon to pick up countless Bubble Fruits to show what he means.

After telling Toriko this, he decides to leave him there so he can immerse himself with the Bubble Fruits while he himself heads straight back to the temple to see what is going on, through the use of his Spoon technique as a catapult. On his way back he worries over this strange aura he now feels, noting that it’s definitely his old combo partner Chiyo’s, but is worried as to why it feels the way it does.

Chin Chinchin finally arrives at the temple in the midst of combat, smashing through a wall near Komatsu upon his arrival. As soon as he arrived he began to question Chiyo as to why she would join a group like the Gourmet Corps, and while asking her he unleashed his full power and his body changed drastically increasing the size of his muscles to incredible proportions. As he prepared himself to battle her, he asked her if they should go and have their first date in a long time, which Chiyo remarked would actually be their last date. He was saddened by this but left the temple in charge of Shuu while he used his Spoon technique to leap into the air, calling after Chiyo in order to get her to follow him to a new location.

Chiyo however, took this moment to impale her hand straight into his chest in mid-air, which shocked him. However as she gloated about her premature killing of Food Honour knowledge, he grabbed her hand and stating that Food Honour would not die with him as long as there is food to appreciate in the world. Chiyo struck him again rhetorically asking if he could still appreciate food despite taking this wound.

At that point Toriko arrived, which caused Chin to be thankful that he finally made it in time, noting a great increase in his power and wondering to himself that he must have eaten all the Bubble Fruit himself. Thankful for Toriko’s arrival he thinks that they might actually be alright as he traps himself and Chiyo in “Spoon Dome” to do battle.

While trapped Chiyo inquires about Toriko wondering if he is his final apprentice, to which Chin affirms, telling her that theirs are the only names he can remember bar hers. He then removes his glasses and tells her that they should enjoy their final date together.

After some time spent in the dome battling Chiyo, Chin finally opens it up, which causes everyone present to think he has won, only for Chiyo to appear behind him revealing that he has been badly beaten at her hands. He falls from the sky and impacts the ground with great force only for Chiyo to land atop him herself and deal even more damage. As he lay there beaten and bloody he gives Toriko one final bit of advice and not to get emotional as that would upset his Food Honour, as he turned to Chiyo once again and told her that he couldn’t help get agitated at the reason why she joined the Gourmet Corps. Chiyo however continued to beat him into the ground telling him to just die and take Food Honour with him.

Later after Chiyo and Ootake leave with the assistance of Starjun, Chiru arrives and heals chin through the use of her revitalizing kitchen knives and his ingesting of the highly nutrious Bubble Fruit Toriko brought back. After he was healed Chin tells them the reason Chiyo joined the Gourmet Corps. He begins to tell then that she joined the Gourmet Corps in order to find the hidden 8th dish of Acacia's Full Course Menu, a dish that is said to be able to revive the dead, and that she planned to use it to bring back her son. Chin then tells them that her son was as his son and that Acacia intentionally hid this course from common knowledge. He tells them that he must report this incident to the 0th Biotope and not allow the Gourmet Corps to gain the upper hand.

Human World Arc

Chin appeared in the Country of Healing "Life" after the Meteor Spice had fallen on the Human World, at the side of his old lover and Combo partner Chiyo. Setsuno had been treating the wounds she received during the massacre at the Cooking Festival with the help of her assistant Nono. He begins crying after she woke up, telling her that he is thankful that she did not die as he didn't what to have to taste the loss of another member of his family, something which Chiyo finds touching.

Powers and Abilities


Chin is a very powerful man, being one of the four Gourmet National Treasures, a member of the IGO's 0th Biotope, and the master of the Shokurin Temple. He was also in a combo with the equally legendary chef Chiyo, making him a highly notable and skilled Gourmet Hunter too. Due to his status as a member of the 0th Biotope, Chin is able to venture into the very dangerous Gourmet World on his own. As the master of Shokurin Temple, he is highly skilled in the art of Food Honour and Food Immersion and is likely the worlds most skilled practitioner. He is able to take extreme levels of punishment and continue fighting, as he was impaled directly through the heart by his combo partner Chiyo and showed no real signs of pain or injury.

He has highly keen senses, as he was able to sense the Gourmet Corp's approacing the Shokurin Temple many days before they actually arrived, and was even able to sense the individuals who were part of the attack, noting that one of the attackers was his old lover and combo partner Chiyo.

Physically, he is one of the strongest people in the world, complimented by his small size but extreme weight. He is capable of creating indents in the ground just by landing, jumping great distances in a single bound, and literally scooping up mountains and moving them great distances. He also seems to have great control over his individual muscles, as he was able to restrain Chiyo after she had impaled him in the chest with her arm using nothing more than his muscles to do so.

Chin is also able to seemingly bulk his body up to extreme levels, gaining highly increased muscle mass, height and overall size. His physical attributes increase when he uses this, making him even stronger than he already is. This is likely a side effect of his skill in Food Immersion, which allows him to call on large amounts of his stored energy at a time.

He appears to have an intimidation similar to Chiyo, in that neither of them cast an image, but instead given them a far more imposing visage.


Spoon - A special technique in which Chin form a literal spoon out of appetite energy. These are very versatile, and he is able to scoop up nearly anything with them, ranging from non physical elements such as fire, to anything as large as a mountain. His skill with these spoons are so great that he is also able to use them for movement and travel purposes, shown when he catapulted himself a great distance down Bubble Way to arrive back at the Shokurin Temple in a short timeframe. He has also shown the ability to form small spoon shaped weapons or shields to defend against attacks used by the legendary chef Chiyo.

Spoon Dome - A derivative of his spoons, Chin is able to form a sealed dome by creating two large spoons on either side of himself and then "locking" them together to seal both himself and his target inside to avoid outside interference. The dome this forms is reputably strong and near unbreakable by Chins own admission, Chiyo however was able to get through it after defeating him in combat.

Food Honour

Chin Chinchin is the master of Shokurin and the worlds leading expert on the art of Food Honour. He is by far the most skilled user in the entire world, and this is shown when he was able to keep alight many Torchorsetails even while thinking of things besides gratitude towards food and he is perfectly able to eat all of the meals at Disappearing Cuisine, despite their very hard to eat nature.

Due to his skill in Food Honour, he is also highly skilled in the art of Food Immersion which allows him to store the energy of food he ingests inside his body to call upon whenever he requires it. This gives him a virtually unending supply of stamina and allows him to survive several months on end without food or drink.

General Information Edit
Name: Chin Chinchin
Name: 珍鎮々(ちんちんちん)
Romanji: Chinchinchin
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
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