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Chihiro Ogino is a anime/manga character
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A ten-year old girl who stumbles upon a new world when she was moving to a new town with her parents. Protagonist of the film "Spirited Away"


Chihiro seems to be an average, spoiled only child, who suffers from the move to another town and doesn't share her parents' enthusiasm at all. She misses her old friends and school. After her family gets lost and her parents eat an offering to the gods, they are changed into pigs. Chihiro is they spirited away to a mystical bath house and must find a way to work and save her parents from becoming food themselves.


 Chihiro' parents were changed into swine.
 Chihiro' parents were changed into swine.
Chihiro is the lead protagonist in the 2001 film, Spirited Away. She was created by the movie's writer and director Masumi Asano. He had been disappointed by poor market offer of animated stories for 10-year olds, especially for girls. He noticed, that shojo love stories flooding the market aren't exactly what they expect from an animated story and decided to create a character, which a lot of kids at this age can identify with. 
In the original Japanese production of Spirited Away, Chihiro is voiced by Rumi Hiiragi, and the U.S. production that was handled by the Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Disney the actress  to voice her was done by Daveigh Chase.
Chihiro was created to remind children and adults about the real precious in life. Not Yubaba's triumphs or No Face's spirit gold, but gentleness, hard work (not only to earn money, but also self-improvement) and real friendship. 

Character Evolution

 Chihiro and Haku.
 Chihiro and Haku.
Chihiro is a girl with all of advantages and flaws typical for most other girls in her age. She is not too loud or too quiet like many of young female characters in animated movies or series. In her real world, Chihiro was accustomed with parents, but things have change to where she needed to take care of herself, starting from finding a job which was quite a complicated task. A fact most people face in reality. At first, she faced harsh or indifferent treatment, but quickly gains friends among many of the other workers, such as Kamaji or Lin.
The main difference between Chihiro and her parents is in their approach to the unknown. Unlike his daughter, Akio Ogino shows no hesitation about the temple they find and enters the gate with all his enthusiasm for exploration.


 I'm not going. This place is creepy.
 I'm not going. This place is creepy.
Ogino family was heading to a new home by car, but Chihiro's dad missed the right turn and, driving along narrow path, they reached a mysterious gate hidden in the forest. This was the beginning of another accidental, thrilling adventure. The girl was still unwilling to show any acts of interest with revealed place and stayed detached, which later appeared to be her salvation. Chihiro's mom and a girl follow him - even the wind blowing into the gate seems to encourage them to enter, which scares Chihiro a little. On the other side, the family finds an open space landscape with several buildings and Chihiro's dad claims it to be a deserted heritage park from Meiji period. Parents decide to explore the place and soon they find a stall with delicious food. As people from the world of consumptionism, they don't care, whose food it is and justify themselves, that they'll pay later. Chihiro refuses to eat together and wanders around empty buildings. Soon she meets a boy named Haku, who warns her about the danger of this place and orders her to run away before dusk. 
But it is too late. For their gluttony and eating the food prepared for gods, Chihiro's parents were turned into pigs by the witch Yubaba. The place turns out to be the bathhouse for gods, which greedy Yubaba owns and runs. In order to survive, safe her parents and come back to her world, Chihiro has to be useful - find a job and learn to be responsible for her actions just as an adult. Moreover, she must not forget her real name - in this world, Yubaba shortened her name to the first character of her first name, "Sen" (千). Forgetting the real name results in staying under Yubaba's commands forever.
Voiced by
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Rumi Hiiragi
Daveigh Chase
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Name: Chihiro Ogino
Name: 荻野 千尋
Romanji: Ogino Chihiro
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Spirited Away
Aliases Sen
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