Chihayafuru is an anime series in the Chihayafuru franchise
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Ayase Chihaya the heroine of the story, dreams that one day her sister will become a successfull model, this until the day Wataya Arata, a boy in her class tells her that a dream is only a thing that we can achieve for ourselves.


After being introduced by Wataya to the 100 poems card Game Karuta, Ayase will chase a dream, her actual dream of becoming the best player of Karuta in the World .


Chihayafuru is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Suetsugu, serialised in Be Love and published by Kodansha. The anime series was aired on Nippon Television and Crunchyroll between October 2011 and March 2012. A second season aired between January and June 2013. Currently there is only subbed release and no dubbed.

The manga has won the Manga Taishō Award and the Kodansha Manga Award.


Chihaya Ayase - is our main heroine and is popularly known as "beauty in vain", because she is beautiful but she destroys all those good points by talking. when ever Chihaya talks it's either about Karuta or something similar. her goal is to be come a Queen as in the top girl player in Karuta other than that she has no other plans for her future. Her family supports her goals but don't see eye to eye of how important this is to her. her older sister is a model/actress working hard on her career while both parents work very hard. She is hard working and skilled yet her academic level is very low. Chihaya is also very oblivious to complicated feelings like jealousy and love.

Taichi Mashima - is a very important boy lead on this story. He is in love with Chihaya and she is oblivious to his feelings, he can never get through to her so he joins the Karuta academy and actually starts enjoying himself. Taichi continues doing Karuta even though his parents are against it, his parents only believe in born talent so when he lost his first contest they strongly advised him to stop, but it only made him want to try harder. Unlike Chihaya he is academically very smart and isn't oblivious to feelings but like her he is also a beauty wasting his time on something unpopular.
Wataya Arata - is a important boy lead and encouraged the other 2 main characters to join the game Karuta. he is very quite and likes to fly solo since no one shares his interests. when Chihaya takes a interest in Karuta he grows to like her and becomes Taichi's foe. Like Chihaya he is oblivious to feelings like jealousy and love which makes the love triangle in this story unclear and not mutual. His grandfather a great Karuta master showed him how to play and now he lives with his mother and father is a poor estate.


Music Themes

Opening Theme:

"YOUTHFUL" by 99RadioService

Ending Theme:

"Soshite Ima" by Asami Seto

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Morio Asaka
Kosuke Yamashita
Tomoyuki Shimizu
Kunihiko Hamada
Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Yoshitaka Makino
Naoyuki Ito

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Name Chihayafuru
Name: ちはやふる
Romaji: Chihayafuru
Publisher Madhouse Studios
Start Year 2011
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Aliases Chihaya Furu
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