Chigusa Tsukikage

Chigusa Tsukikage is a anime/manga character in the Glass Mask franchise
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Teacher and mentor to Glass Mask franchise protagonist Maya Kitajima. During the peak of her stardom, Tsukikage played the lead role in "The Crimson Goddess," a legendary Japanese play that has not been performed in more than 20 years.


32 years before the start of the Glass Mask series, Chigusa Tsukikage was a very popular actress. She was given the lead role in a play called "The Crimson Goddess," which was extremely popular. Tsukikage's performance in the play was so spectacular that the play's creator, a man named Ichiren Osaki declared that no actress other than Tsukikage was capable of playing the role and even went so far as to leave her the play's performance rights. Tsukikage continued to perform "The Crimson Goddess" until an accident involving a stage light left her horribly disfigured and she decided to give up the stage. Since then, she has looked for an actress that she believes will be capable of playing the lead role in "The Crimson Goddess." Currently, her two candidates are Maya Kitajima and Ayumi Himekawa.

After seeing Maya Kitajima act out a television drama for some children in a park, Tsukikage comes to believe that she has found an actress capable of playing The Crimson Goddess. While she is rough around the edges and completely untrained, Tsukikage believes that Maya will succeed with the right coaching. Tsukikage's teaching methods are at times quite shocking since she will go to great lengths to extract the kind of performance that she believes Maya is capable of. For example, near the beginning of the series, Tsukikage forcibly separates Maya from her mother, believing that the sooner Maya becomes acquainted with the harshness of the world, the better it will be for her acting career. Tsukikage has also been known to go as far as to injure Maya in order to extract a good performance from her. One might say that she is a proponent of fairly extreme method acting.

Tsukikage is often at odds with Daito Entertainment company heir Masumi Hayami due to "The Crimson Goddess." Masumi's father's life-long dream is to create a production of "The Crimson Goddess," but Tsukikage refuses to relinquish control over the rights. She has hinted that she, in particular, does not want Masumi's father to have the rights to the play, though her history with Daito's chairman has not yet been explained.

Tsukikage's age is never explicitly stated in the series, but her health is often quite poor and is often a source of stress for Maya and the rest of the Tsukikage acting troupe.

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Toshiko Fujita
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Name: Chigusa Tsukikage
Gender: Female
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