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Chiffon Fairchild is a anime/manga character in the Freezing franchise
Universal Breast Ranking - Medium Breasts League [76-83] 10

IndexUniversal Breast Ranking - Giant Breasts League [100-???]Universal Breast Ranking - Huge Breasts League [92-99]Universal Breast Ranking - Large Breasts League [84-91]Universal Breast Ranking - Medium Breasts League [76-83]Universal Breast Ranking - Small Breasts League [68-75]Universal Breast Ranking - Flat ...

created by Dekken
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Nyantype Poster Roster 1

This is a small wiki project where I assist Daniel Newton in posting, uploading, and organizing official magazine poster art from Nyantype magazine.For the list, I will post how many posters a character has and what issue it came from. ...

created by takashichea
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Favorite Girls 2

As the name says it's my list of favorite female characters in anime and manga. It lists mine favorite character for multiple reasons, like personality, powers, importance and looks. The list is always changing and evolving according to new characters ...

created by CodeSaint
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