Chief Watsup

Chief Watsup is a anime/manga character in the Black Lagoon franchise
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Chief Watsup is the corrupt chief of police in Roanapur. He has an agreement with all the major players of the city's criminal underworld and is very good at avoiding work.


Watsup is Roanapur's chief of police from the Black Lagoon anime/manga. Like the city itself, he's extremely corrupt and only keeps up the appearance of enforcing the law. Besides turning a blind eye to criminal activities, he can also be persuaded to hand over evidence from investigations. He takes bribes from all the major criminal organizations and has an understanding with the likes of Revy, Balalaika, Mr. Chang, and more. Unless the situation is serious enough to demand his attention, he spends his time working on his golf game and staying off the streets of Roanapur.

Major Story Arcs

Calm Down, Two Men

Watsup makes his first, brief appearance when Revy and Rock get into an argument in the market. After she pulls her gun in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses, he shows up to take them in for disturbing the peace. He also scolds Revy for causing a blatant scene and making him late for his tee time.

Bloodsport Fairy-Tale

After Hansel and Gretel shoot up a bar and kill two of Balalaika's men, Watsup is forced to report to the scene. He opens it up for Balalaika and repeats the statement the dying bartender gave him about the spooky twins that ambushed her men. Despite his reputation he does give her a clue with the Romanian sayings the twins use when addressing each other. Later, Watsup also tries to get in on the bounty for the twins later and is fed false information from Mr. Chang when the twins attack Verrocchio's office.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Masaaki Tsukada
Dale Wilson
General Information Edit
Name: Chief Watsup
Name: ワトサップ
Romanji: Watosappu
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Black Lagoon #2
1st anime episode: Black Lagoon #7
1st anime movie:
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