Chibi Vampire Characters

Chibi Vampire is an manga series in the Chibi Vampire Karin franchise
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Anju Maaka

Anju is a beautiful young vampire, with long wavy silver hair and golden eyes. She is the last vampire in the world to awaken.


Anju's favorite doll and constant companion. Loud and rude, he often speaks up loudly to support Anju's interests. Boogie houses the soul of a serial killer (known as the Stripe Shirt Slasher) who killed 13 victims before his own death.

Bridget Brownswick

Carrera Marker

Karin Maaka's mother and the wife to Henry Marker.

Fumio Usui

Usui Kentas mother. She has trouble trying to get a job due to her employers trying to harass her.


Henry Marker

The father of Karin Marker.

Kanon Usui

The daughter of Karin Maaka and Kenta Usui.

Karin Maaka

Karin is just a normal kid living a normal life... or so she would love to have it played. Instead, she is the 'black sheep' of a vampire family.

Maki Tokitou

A one track romantic...

Ren Maaka

Vampiric and mean, Ren never knows when to let things go.

Sophia Pistis

Usui Kenta

Hes always had a hard time but things don't look like there going to get any better after meeting one strange little vampire.

Winner Sinclair

Yuriya Tachibana

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