Chiaki Takahashi

Chiaki Takahashi is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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Chiaki is the captain of Kaimei High School's softball team. She is also a close friend of Himeko's and has made a few requests of the Sket Dan.


Chiaki explains to Hime that her mother has passed away and that she and her brother are trying to win the Pelorin doll that resembles their mother. (Anime only)

Ogress Arc

Chiaki's pressures Hime to join Sports
Chiaki's pressures Hime to join Sports

Chiaki appears as Hime's first friend at Kaimei High School as she tries to get Hime on her softball team because she sees Hime got some skills. Hime is a new student, so Chiaki tries to befriend her. When thugs try to get Chiaki to pay for the damage to their car, Hime tries to save her from being captured. Bossun arrives to disarm the thugs. After Hime beats the thugs and her identity is shown, Chiaki and Bossun refuses to let Hime go due to her Onihime self. Chiaki tells Hime that she's her friend no matter what Hime says.


Chiaki Takahashi, who is created by Kenta Shinohara, has no current information regarding any inspiration used by Shinohara to create her. She first appears in Sket Dance volume 1 and episode 3. Her Japanese voice actress is Satomi Sato; for the Drama CD, her Japanese voice actress is Airi Sakuno.


Captain first appears as a minor character and associate of Himeko's. She is later revealed as the first person at school to have reached out to Himeko during the period where she attempted to isolate herself from others at school, and together with Bossun she manages to convince Himeko to accept friends again. Amongst the girls at school, she is the one that Himeko most often spends time with, and is probably closest too.

Chiaki is responsible, considerate & amicable, having served as her class's representative and having cared for her younger brother following the loss of their mother. She possesses an unusual charisma and enthusiasm, nicknamed her "youth aura" which tends to affect others and bring out their energetic side. A later story reveals that she excells at speed eating, and can eat large amounts off food, and at a speed that the eye can barely follow, which becomes a recurring joke.

Story Arcs

Legend of the Onihime

Chiaki's Lost Pelocan

Food Fighter

Ogress Arc

Powers and Abilities

Big Eater

Chiaki admits she eats a lot
Chiaki admits she eats a lot

Chiaki's big eater ability is shown for the first time in the Food Fighter arc. Bossun and the others see her gobble up sweets fast which the gang asks her to eat a super bowl of ramen. However, she could not finish the ramen because she hates boiled eggs.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Satomi Satō
General Information Edit
Name: Chiaki Takahashi
Name: 高橋 千秋
Romanji: Takahashi Chiaki
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Sket Dance #1
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #3
1st anime movie:
Aliases Captain
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Attractive Female
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