Does Chi Chi even care about Goku anymore?

Topic started by misterz173 on March 28, 2011. Last post by KuichigoChan 2 years, 10 months ago.
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It seems that whenever you see Chi Chi, she's always mad at Goku about something. All she seems to care about is Gohan and Goten, and not Goku. After Goku's fight with Vegeta, to care all she seemed to care about was Gohan; I know Gohan is her son and all, but she could show a little concern for her husband! I Don't think she even loves him anymore! 

Angry Chi Chi
Angry Chi Chi
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I find it that they share the same traits at times. We always see Goku going off to train and leaving behind his family. So maybe she has some right to be angry at him.
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I think the question should be reverse, does Goku care about Chi Chi. He gives the impression that he would rather increase his power than be with Chi Chi most of the time. I think she has at right to be mad at him most of the time.
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but when goku is like seriously hurt she acts like he's not even there or something

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Goku had no desire to marry chi-chi, he felt obligated to because he promised her she could he his bride (which he thought was food).

Chi-chi does seem to care about Goku, but gohan seems to take first priority (even over goten).

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Well, Chi-Chi did kind of trick Goku into marrying her (Suno was a lot better for Goku)

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@Destinyheroknight: One of the biggest problems i had with DBZ is that i hated most of the female cast. I disliked Chi-chi and bulma and Android 18 really didin't do enough in the series for me to care.

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I loved all of the characters in Dragon Ball Z. I think Chi Chi does care for Goku or else she wouldnt have forced him to marry here and then never remarry even while he was dead.

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Of course she does. And she has pretty good reasons to be mad at Goku. First of all, she was the one who wanted to marry him, Goku just agreed to it because he thought that a bride was food. And even though he might have grown to love her over time, he doesn't show it. And let's not forget that Goku doesn't have a job leaving his family pretty poor. He also runs off to participate in fatal battles and seems more concerned with fighting and training than Chi Chi. Hell, at the end of GT he just left his family behind to go train.


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for me yes i mean she's like all mad when goku's into some trouble and if he's from a fight that she's worried right and on android saga she was really worried for goku when he was attacked by the heart virus and for goku pretty much the same thing (even though at first not) i mean on the piccolo jr saga he blushed when chi chi hugged her and on cell saga they secretly kissed and he did say "i'll miss you" and at the end of the majiin buu saga he did say he loves chi chi and in some movie he did rush off when he saw chi chi was attacked

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