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The small combat robot is similar to Kemeko, but with dark hair and an eyepatch. It is piloted by Vanilla M. Repairs. When piloting, Vanilla's light-hearted personality changes to calm and formal.


A Cardian that appeared in episode 51 of Sailor Moon R. Reci was known for destroying Usagi's Transformation Brooch.

Sun Seto

Sun Seto is a mermaid and the daughter of a Yakuza boss of the Seto Crime Family. She lives her life by the way of chivalry. She's engaged to be married to Nagasumi Michishio.

Vanilla Make Repairs

Vanilla Make Repairs is the executive director of the Mishma Electronics Company. She's has a playful personality and pilots the Kiriko robot.


Yoshino is the weakest out of the group, and is a goddess of Cherry Blossom.


Because she is half-human half-spirit, Zakuro is chosen to work with humans to promote cross-species understanding and tolerance.

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