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Chäos;HEAd is an anime series in the Chäos;Head franchise
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Dream While not perfect, Chaos;Head juggles enough quite well.

Chaos;Head was a series that juggled a multiple number of genres throughout its run involving sci-fi, psychological thriller, mystery, otaku focus, action and harem romance. Such a volatile mix, especially for a 12-episode series, had its potential to make this show a train wreck yet despite some glaring issues, this ...

Reviewed by Dream on April 16, 2011
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TriforceF This review is not a delusion *Warning Mild Spoilers Ahead*

Chaos; Head is the story of one Otaku and his journey towards accepting those who he calls 'Three Dimensional People'. Takumi is a recluse (or as the Japanese would say a 'Hikkomori') who spends his spare time watching his favorite anime and playing his MMORPG. He doesn't often go to ...

Reviewed by TriforceF on Aug. 12, 2010
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defiant12 This show was great!! *Spoilers*

This show was edge of the seat suspence from the beggining he meets the mysterious devil women Rimi a girl found at  the murder scene of the Next gen murders.This was a wild ride to the end and i could not  get my eyes off the screen. The mystery was a ...

Reviewed by defiant12 on Oct. 14, 2010
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Fastshot Choas Head the aint social anime ^_^

When I started watching this anime I was worried about the quilty due to the little amount of infomation I could find. I was glad I stuck with it since it became one of my move favite animes.  The other good thing about this anime is it based on a ...

Reviewed by Fastshot on April 10, 2010
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