Chaoji Han

Chaoji Han is a anime/manga character in the D.Gray-Man franchise
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An exorcist whose innocence takes the form of linked bracelets that give him great strength.


Chaoji Han was actually born from the corpse of his mother. His mother died shortly before giving birth due to an Akuma attack. In order to save him, Anita performed an emergency procedure and managed to deliver him from his already deceased mother. Chaoji as a young man, joined Anita's crew out of gratitude and wished to always protect her.


Chaoji Han is a supportive protagonist created by Hoshino Katsura for the series D.Gray-man.


Chaoji's personality and power took drastic changes for the better. He became mentally stronger after realizing his worth as well as physically stronger upon awakening his Innocence power.


Chaoji Han
Chaoji Han

Chaoji is a young and slightly husky man, with light skin and fairly long dark spiky hair that he wears tied back. He has thick eyebrows to go with it. His attire changes throughout the story ranging from his simple Sailor attire, to a casual sleeveless shirt and pants to later, gaining the Exorcist Uniform. The demeanor of his face also changes from one of a helpless person to later one of far greater confidence and conviction


Chaoji is a very loyal young man. He dedicated his life to protect his rescuer Anita. But when he was unable to succeed in that, he moved on to protecting Lenalee and serving the Exorcists that both he and Anita respected. He has only shown anger when he felt Allen was showing pity for the Noah who were the ones responsible for killing Anita. Otherwise, Chaoji is a respectable and respectful man.


Anita - Rescued him from death inside his mother's womb. She was a symbol of respect and a mother figure to Chaoji.

Lenalee Lee - Chaoji took a fondness of Lenalee very early on. Although the motive does not seem to be a romantic one, merely one out of pure respect.

Yu Kanda - Not a particularly close relationship but the two had quite the experience in Edo. Kanda saving Chaoji repeatedly and even Chaoji eventually being of some use as well.

Allen Walker - Initially despised him for trying to sympathize with Tyki's physical vessel, but he gets over this and realizes that Allen is a very respect worthy young man.

Story Arcs

Edo Arc

Right after Lenalee Lee had defeated Eiki the level 3 Akuma and was recovered, Anita and he crew decided to quickly find out who had suffered injuries at the hand of the Akuma army that attacked them. Although everyone on board was still alive, it was only because Miranda Lotto was keeping them alive with her time lapse ability and it was discovered that all but Chaoji and two other shipmates had been struck by the Akuma. Since they were normal humans and not Exorcists, this meant certain death. Anita decided that the Exorcists should continue on their way in the spare boat that they had, taking Chaoji with them while she and her crew remained behind to wait for their deaths. It was a sad parting but one that was necessary.

After they had departed from the other boat, Chaoji carried the weak Lenalee Lee around and told everyone that they could use him in whatever way they saw fit. When they do arrive in Edo, the Noah Tyki was quick to try and kidnap Lenalee. Chaoji tried to fight back but as a normal human was utterly helpless to do anything and Tyki simply surrounded Chaoji with his Tease butterflies so that they would consume him. But Kanda came to Chaoji's rescue and likewise, Lenalee's. From this point on, the Exorcists were in a full on confrontation against Tyki and an army of Akuma. When it appeared that the Exorcists were finally starting to gain ground, the master of the Noah, the Earl of Millennium himself entered the fray, only using one attack and subsequently, leveling the entire city of Edo. Although they all managed to survive, Lenalee was blown away from Chaoji and Kanda. Seeing the moment of vulnerability, the Earl approached Lenalee intending to kill her while Tyki barred the way of the exorcists. Lenalee was about to be killed when Allen Walker appeared out of thin air via using the Noah's own Ark, which could open dimensional doors. Allen clashed with the Earl and caused the latter to retreat which meant that Tyki needed to retreat as well. Chaoji then went back over to Lenalee to tend to her once more.

Noah's Arc Arc

After things had settled down, they were fired back up again when a portal opened under Lenalee, sucking her in, but Allen went in after her, reaching out for Lavi who grabbed him then joined hands with Chaoji then Kanda and Krory in turn. They all fell in together. Once transported through the portal, the group find themselves in the Noah's Ark. Tyki appears shortly after and gives them a key, saying it was their way out. Having little choice but to go through the doors as they did not know how to get out and the Ark was crumbling since it was to be replaced that day, the group proceeded. But after entering the first door, they were met by the Noah Skin Boric. Knowing they needed to find a way out soon, Kanda told everybody else to proceed ahead and he would deal with Skin alone and follow after them.

They went through the next door, Chaoji tripping but getting picked up by Allen on the way. After going through the next door, they ran into another member of the Noah. this time it was the twins Jasdebi. Jasdebi was not so easy to pass by. He attacked them all, Chaoji suffering burns from Jasdebi's guns. Despite Allen,Lavi and Krory combining their power, they quickly realized that they could not defeat Jasdebi in a timely fashion which was necessary to escape from the crumbing Ark. Knowing this, Krory volunteered to stay behind as Kanda did and insisted that the rest press on. Lenalee was fuming inside as she could not help due toher heavily injured stated from her battle against the level 3 Akuma. Chaoji sympathized with her but said nothing. Despite the gloomy mood, Allen and Lavi suddenly began to laugh and joke, surprising Chaoji as he did not expect such behavior of Exorcists, but was glad and laughed with them. The reason for this was so that none of them would lose their heads by getting upset. Allen said it was best to do things like tat when the situation was dire.

But when they enter the next room, they are met with not one but 2 Noah. None other than the monstrously powerful Road Kamelot and Tyki Mikk. Chaoji became furious upon seeing two more Noah, but when Road commanded them to sit, he sat as did the Exorcists. But this non violent approach did not last and a fight broke out again. Road confined Lenalee and Chaoji in one of her imaginations and they were helpless to get out. Allen was badly injured while fighting Tyki and Lenalee began kicking at the transparent prison. Chaoji did his best to calm her but she would not stay calm this time.

But luckily, Allen was able to edge Tyki this time and exceeded the 100% synchronization rate with his innocence. Chaoji rooted for Allen from his confinement, but the sadistic Road became angry and stabbed Chaoji through the back several times with her sharp candles and told him to shut up or she would kill them both. The agonizing Chaoji barely maintained consciousness as Lenalee tended to him and could only continue to observe the incredible battle that was happening before their eyes. Allen and Lavi barely emerged victorious in their scuffle with the two Noah. Road retreated without killing either Chaoji or Lenalee and their confinement was removed. However, the room began to crumble rapidly. They had been there too long and it was only Road's power that had previously kept it from collapsing. Allen went to recover Lero and the body of Tyki which should have been devoid of Tyki's Noah influence and become a normal human again. Not quite understanding, Chaoji could not believe it and called Allen a traitor for trying to help the enemy. But Chaoji was immediately saved by the "traitor" when the ground beneath him collapsed and tentacles attempted to grab him. Allen pushed Chaoji out of harms way and instead fell below. The tentacles were from Tyki Mikk who upon losing had reverted to his awakened form. He began beating the poor Allen, heavily wounding him. The tentacles reached for Lenalee and began strangling her. Chaoji tried to help but was crushed underneath rubble. Both he and Lenalee fell when the entire ground collapsed to what would seem to be their death. Chaoji cried out to Anita as he fell and Lenalee lost consciousness.

Chaoji holding up the tower
Chaoji holding up the tower

When Lenalee awoke, she was not badly harmed but when she looked up, she was shocked when she saw that Chaoji was holding up the weight of nearly the entire tower that should have crushed them. Lenalee realized it was Chaoji synchronizing with some shard of innocence that had to be nearby. They didn't know it but it was the shard of innocence that General Tiedoll had let go of earlier that had likely belonged to his pupil that had died at Tyki's own hands. Lenalee tried to explain what she knew to the highly confused Chaoji, but suddenly Tyki appeared again. He lunged at the helpless pair but did not get to touch them as Allen and Lavi had also recovered and blocked him. Nevertheless, they knew they were outmatched against the awakened Noah. However, as he was about to terrorize the group again, the man himself General Cross Marian appeared and hurled the Noah back. Cross utilized the ability Grave of Maria and rendered the four young exorcists invisible, then proceeded to brutally dominate over Tyki. Cross was on the verge of killing the Noah when the Head of the Noah the Earl arrived and prevented it. After some small talk, the Earl takes Tyki with him and departs, leaving the Exorcists to escape if they could by themselves.

Afterwards, Allen with General Cross' help was able to control the Ark via the piano room and put an end to the Ark's self destruction. They group convene, Chaoji still upset with Allen from earlier. But a deja vu moment occurred and Allen accidentally entered a room with no floor. He grabbed onto the nearby Kanda who grabbed Chaoji who was able to support both of their weight and pull them up now. But suddenly, bracelets appeared on his wrist and he accidentally hurled the two exorcists up as this was the moment that he had synchronized with his Innocence. Chaoji, liking his new power, believed that Anita and his crew must have given him the power in his desperation.

The group exit the Ark and Chaoji is assigned to General Froi Tiedoll. However, they all temporarily go back to the European Branch as desired by the Black Order.

Black Order Invasion Arc

Powers & Abilities

Physical Strength. Chaoji awakened his innocence in a time of desperation. Although his Innocence boosts his strength astronomically, it appears that he retains a lesser degree of strength even when it is not active as seen when he could easily support both Allen and Kanda with a single arm.


Arm of Baptism

Arm of Baptism
Arm of Baptism

Chaoji's Innocence is an equipment type and takes the form of bracelets on his left arm. It Grants Chaoji one primary ability which is Superhuman strength, perhaps the greatest seen out of any Exorcist or even Noah thus far.

General Information Edit
Name: Chaoji Han
Name: チャオジー・ハン
Romanji: Chaojī Han
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Chaoji
Chao Ji Han
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