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In the Naruto universe chakra is a form of energy through which ninjutsu moves can be accomplished. There are five different types of elemental chakras.

Chakra Network of the human body
Chakra Network of the human body

To perform techniques a ninja needs to use chakra. Chakra originates from two places. The first is the bodies energy inherent in billions of cells. The second source of chakra is the mental & spiritual energy gained through exercise and experience. The body itself possess many points of concentration these are often reffered to as chakra points.

In order to perform a jutsu, the ninja will bring out and release these two energies. The amount of chakra needed for a technique will vary greatly, depending upon its size and complexity. Each ninja has the potential to better utilize a elemental Ninjutsu style. This is due to the fact that every ninja possess one elemental affiliation higher then the rest. For example Naruto possess a ind afiliation, Kakashi possess a lightning afiliation, as does Sasuke. With an elemental afiliation comes an advantage as well as a disadvantage. For example the advantage of having a lightning elemental afiliation is that a ninja with that afiliation can master lightning based techniques more easily as well being able to perform higher level lightning based attacks then a ninja with a fire afiliation. Also possessing a lightning afiliation grants the ninja a higher advantage over someone possessing a earth afiliation. However this is a double edged sword. The disadvantage of having a lightning afiliation is having a disadvantage over a ninja with a wind afiliation. In other ords while acquiring a advantage over one oponent with a weakness to your afiliation, Your afiliation has a weakness of its own. For this reason many ninja train themselves in different elemental based techniques to acquire a higher level of defense should they encounter their polar opposite. But because the ninja does not possess that particular elemental affiliation learning new moves requires more effort and more chakra and as limits their ability to be able to handle high level techniques. Now I will translate and explain the five different elemental chakras:

  • Katon - The Fire element its techniques take on fire and flame based attacks. It specializes as an offensive type of chakra and often creates flame techniques which hurl fire from a distance, which gives the user distance between themselves and the opponent.
  • Fuuton - The Wind element its techniques take on wind based properties from as simple as a gust of wind to as complex as a typhoon. Out of all the elemental chakras Fuuton is most noted for its ability to slice or act as an implifier turning an ordinary kunai into an unstopable projectile.
  • Raiton - The Lightning element its techniques take on lightning based attacks. It specializes in offensive type chakra its power lies in its ability to create mid rang and long range attacks It can also be Suoped up by using a metal weapon as a conductor such as a kunai, shuriken, katana, etc.
  • Doton - The earth element its techniques are based around Earth style techniques. It specialzes in Defense. By taking advantage of the properties that make up the earth, such using a particular form of rock that contains denser minerals. It can also be used as a near perfect escape route such as using mud slide technique to incapacitate the enemy.
  • Suiton - The water elementits techniques can vary greatly. Because of its malleability it can used to created powerful defenses as well as powerful offenses it can be short or long range in attack distance. However this element does have a weakness a ninja must be near a open water source to truly take advantage of it. This hoever has not stopped powerful ninjas like the Nidaime Hokage, or Hoshigaki Kisame from creating their own water supply byconcentrating water molecules found in air itself something not easily accomplished.

There are gates along the chakra network located at those points in the body where the chakra is most heavily concentrated. Their purpose is to limit the flow of chakra through the body. There are eight inner gates:

  1. Gate of opening or Initial Gate
  2. Gate of rest or Heal Gate
  3. Gate of life or Life Gate
  4. Gate of pain or Pain Gate
  5. Gate of closing or Limit Gate
  6. Gate of joy or View Gate
  7. Gate of shock
  8. Gate of death

Lotus exerts tremendous pressure on gates limiters, eventually forcing the gates open. That releases restrains on the chakra. The result is that the persons strength increases tenfold or more. By opening all eight gates, one can obtain the power even beyond Hokage's but with risk of dying.

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Concept Name Chakra
Japanese Name: チャクラ
Romaji Name: chakura
1st manga book: Naruto #2
1st anime episode:
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