Chain of Blame

Chain of Blame is an anime episode of Ga-Rei Zero that was released on
Despite being impaled through the chest with her own spear, Mei appears to come back to life after her battle with the mysterious white-haired boy. Back in the school, the Ministry of Environment is trying to clean up the scene of Kagura's kill while Yomi tries to comfort her. The head of the ministry decides to give the two young exorcists a small leave of absence to cope with the shock of what happened.

Kagura decides to visit the grave of the posessed nurse she killed, but she ends up running into her friends from school, the same two girls who witnessed her killing the nurse in the first place. One of them ends up lashing out verbally at Kagura, but Kagura simply wishes for her to stop, and invites her friend to hit her if it will make her feel better. After she decides not to hit her, Kagura breaks down and cries.

The scene switches over to the Isayama household, where Yomi and her adopted father discuss the family's legacy, and then are soon joined by Mei and her father. Afterwards, Yomi appears to sense something odd about Mei, but doesn't think much of it.

Later on, Kagura decides to tell the truth about her job to her friends, followed by a brief sparring session with Yomi. Kagura asks Yomi if it’s right for her to live like she is. Yomi replies that Kagura should decide for herself. Afterwards, Yomi and Noriyuki decide to talk things over, and after a brief interrupting call from Kagura, the two share a kiss as the sun sets over Tokyo.

However, not all is well Kagura returns to the Isayama househould and finds Yomi's father bleeding heavily on the floor. The authorities rush him to the hospital, while Kagura and Yomi get there as soon as they can, only to run into Mei and her father. Mei informs the two that they should pay their "last respects" to the Isayama father, before they walk into the hospital room and see him hooked up to a ventilator.

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