Chaika Travant

Chaika Travant is a anime/manga character in the Hitsugi no Chaika franchise
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Chaika Travant is a silvered hair girl who carries a Gundo in a coffin that is strapped to her back.


Chaika Travant is created by Ichirō Sakaki and originally designed by Namaniku ATK. Although she has no direct information from her creators regarding any inspirations used in her character design, her name has references. Her name, Chaika (Ча́йка), relates to a Russian, luxury vehicle which is created by Gaz, a Russin automobile company. Her real surname Gaz is also a reference to that company. Finally, Trabant, (another alternative translation of her last name) can relate to an East German vehicle or it can mean "escort" or "guide" in a Slavic language.



She is a young girl with white hair, thick eyebrows, and purple eyes. She usually has blush on her cheeks. Her dress has an elaborate white floral design with a white rose below her collar and a black skirt with white frills. She has black stockings and a white bonnet with metallic hairpins with green jewels in them.


Despite that she is only able to speak broken Japanese, she's an easily distracted person. According to Toru, she's stubborn, but she is kind and determined.


  • Toru Acura - At first, Chaika thinks Toru was up to no good, but when she got to know him, she puts trust in his leadership. She can get upset when Toru didn't welcome her back with warm affections during the Red and White Chaika incident.
  • Akari Acura - The two work well together during the operations. Akari would treat Chaika like a little sister as seen as how she would wash Chaika's back or retrieve Chaika's butterfly pin during the Red and White Chaika incident.

Powers & Abilities

Being a wizard, she can use magic. She stores her Gundo in her coffin. She can hook up her gun, Else, cord to a circuit located at the back of her neck. This way, she can power up her gun. It takes a while for her to fire her gun since she has do a bit of incantation. Her marksmanship is not as remarkable as Selma who is able to snipe targets with succession.

Chaika's Spells

  • The Blind - It releases a blinding light as a distraction.
  • The Boiler - It boils the target.
  • The Breaker - It breaks magical barriers.
  • The Burner - It burns the target.
  • The Commander - It creates a magical barrier. It's able to interfere with magic. Chaika was able to make safe passageway in the fog that causes illusions.
  • The Floater - It can form a magical sphere that allows her and her target to float in the water and the air.
  • The Intruder - It poisons the target and air. In the anime, it causes Fredrika to reveal her dragoon form.
  • The Locator - It allows Chaika to track down Gundo, magical imbued items. It can be used as a sonar as demonstrated when Chaika tries to map out the layout in the canyon when looking for Simon.
  • The Ripper - It slashes the target.
  • The Silencer - It mutes the sound such as when Akari breaks the jail cell, no sound from the impact is heard.
  • The Sucker - It's a vacuum that sucks in sound.
  • The Slugger - It's magic attack that knocks out her enemy like a punch. She first use this spell against Layla.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Chika Anzai
General Information Edit
Name: Chaika Travant
Name: チャイカ・トラバント
Romanji: Chaika Torabanto
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Hitsugi no Chaika (Light Novel) #1
1st anime episode: Chaika - The Coffin Princess #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Chaika Trabant
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Attractive Female
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