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Chaika - The Coffin Princess is an anime series in the Hitsugi no Chaika franchise
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Welcome everyone to the Chaika review! My style is a bit different because I write things neutral, to recommend series to the right audience. That's how I perceive reviewing anime and manga in this community. Matching the right show to the right folks, obscure or mainstream. You name it. I have this personal project where I try on recommendations from my folks in Anime Vice. Sharing the experiences while showing the community does discuss and recommend anime and manga.

I won't go into much spec details considering that we have a wiki page in the community. My Chaika wiki teammates have done a considerable about of work.


Chaika is a light novel series written by IchirĊ Sakaki and illustrated by Namaniku ATK. The story is about a young girl who searched for her father's remains to do a proper funeral. Her father is Emperor Gaz and his empire had collapsed due to war. When the restoration being conducted by Kliemann Organization, Chaika runs into the Acura saboteur siblings. From that point, the trio work towards Chaika's goals which brings them against the Kliemann Organization and others as they uncover the dark secrets of the war and Chaika's origins.

Beware of spoilers!

Story & Characters

Chaika's story is pretty linear. It plays like a mystery one where it leaves asking questions about Chaika's origins as Toru figures out there is more to Chaika and the war behind the scenes. While most action light novel series tend to suffer from over exposition and unnecessarily complicated jargon, Chaika's story is streamline and focuses on show not tell. Its pilot crammed a lot of chapters, but it doesn't leave viewers confused. The story is streamlined and packed with a good balance of fight scenes, character spotlight, and story progression. There are a small cast of characters. While first season is done and the second season will pop up in fall 2014, Chaika did a good job introducing the main trio and Alberic's group, showcasing the minute interactions and relationships they have. Most light novel adaptations and Shonen manga adaptation suffer from an overwhelming cast. The anime does not lose focus with its main trio and continues to push the story along with their adventures.

Analysis: Pros and Cons

Due to the lack of experience I had as a young reviewer, I actually mentioned a lot of good things in the previous paragraph. Not to be redundant, I will summarize it fast.


Chaika perform well for introducing a streamline story without the heavy exposition and jargon you see in other light novel adaptations. The fight scenes choreography are done well, so it's not so stale or overextended. You see Toru and Akari using their intellect along with their equipment to outsmart and defeat their foes rather than overpowering them most of the time. It doesn't go into heavy character spotlights or arcs involving characters. Chaika specialize in show not tell, giving us interactions and their relationships as the story progress. In short, Chaika is more story driven than being character driven.


Like all anime adaptations of manga and light novel, Chaika can still be criticized for not being 100% faithful to its original source. I haven't read the light novel or the manga. I have a few details from working on the wiki project in Anime Vice and Chaika Wikia. The series' pacing is a bit quick. I recall folks complaining about Chaika not going into depth with Hasumin, a deceased character who plays a key part in shaping Toru Acura's character. It's a small omission. There are always a battle between the original source and its adaptations. You can't please everyone since making an anime and manga will always have slight deviations. Being an anime exclusive fan, I say Chaika did pretty well. It felt rushed, but it remain focused on its trio and their adventures without delving into too much character spotlight. I don't know about any other significant details and differences between the original source and the anime.


I definitely recommend this anime to folks who want to see a good action fantasy show. I mistake this as a Shonen show at first without knowing the original source material when I first tried out the pilot.

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