But What About CPM?

Topic started by gia on Sept. 2, 2009. Last post by CalAggie 5 years, 3 months ago.
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The list of anime companies that have run into trouble and/or disappeared in the last few years continues to grow, and in the wake of the latest-- ADV --it's easy to forget about some of the past ones.

But blogger Calaggie, luckily for us, has not forgotten! He really did his homework on Central Park Media (I confirmed it all, for those of you not familiar with him), and the latest word on the company's bankruptcy proceedings is that the company is officially abandoning 350 boxes worth of stuff at a storage unit-- a notice that must be filed so that the creditors can object if they feel something among the items is worth the $588/mo cost of storing it. Given that it includes some master tapes, I can't help but wonder if some of these things might not actually be worth more.

That filing was issued on July 27th, but on August 17th another abandonment notice was issued, this time for 556 boxs of "media titles" (presumably old stock). Now, I dunno about you, but I'd love to buy some really cheap classics from that collection...I guess we'll see if any of this old stock gets auctioned off or anything. It doesn't LOOK like anyone filed any official notices objecting to either abandonment, so who knows what'll happen to it?
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Yeah really, I think the biggest problem for any one interested in any hidden gems in those storage units is an issue of geography. If I lived near those storage units I would love to go over and try to snag any original pieces of whatever, or dvds or cds of artwork or shows or  who knows what.
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Just to make it more clear, I updated my post this afternoon with glossary definitions for both "abandonment" and "abandonment of property" and basically the assets detailed in the two filings will likely be excluded from any court-executed auction. The trustee moved to abandon them but they still appear to be the "personal property" of CPM for the moment or at least should be.
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