Cell solar system busting possible?

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@Destinyheroknight: I have posted a new fan-ficin the fani-fic forums called sasuke vs byakuya it's a youtube video where they show sasuke fight byakuya(a manga battle)

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I don't care for fan-fic

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I guess it's plausible that cell could destroy the solar system based on the scenario. I mean he was designed to destroy the universe, 16 said it. What is wrong with all of you guys? You know perfectly well that physics don't apply to manga... so stop do useless calculations :p haha

I believe that what akira toriyama thought while making cell say his line was "I must put something more than just the planet on the line... something to make him look more powerful!", and that it counts for power scaling :) because f*ck logic, it's a manga !

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I'm starting to believe that he can in the kazenshu they translated a old Daizenshuu guide were it states that gohan in ssj2 (before known as ssj grade 5 xD) beat cell's energy bullet (kamehameha??) that could blow away a solar system, heres the quote and the link:

Page 147

Super Saiyan Grade Five (Strongest Form)

An aura with sparks like flashes of lightning and an upright, combative hairstyle are the distinguishing features of this, the strongest Saiyan warrior! One's personality also becomes aggressive; even the ordinarily gentle Gohan started to enjoy battle! Its power is enough to push back even Cell's energy bullet, which had enough force to blow away the Solar System!


Also since the new movie is coming out and new guidebook and info, it's been stated that the kaioshin can create stars/planets/life and since creating something needs more energy than destroying something (at least IMO) then cell could destroy the sun since according to goku cell=dabura and the kaioshin wasn't as strong as dabura, also don't forget that bisuru (the movie villain) in the translated trailer picolo states that he can blow up the gallaxy with his strongest attack, heres the quote and link:

The Kaiōshin possess the power of “creation”, which provides stars/planets and life-forms the impetus to be born. The one who possesses the opposing power, and authority, of “destruction”, is the God of Destruction. Through the repetition of destruction of stars/planets continually increasing in numbers, and the birth of new stars/planets, the balance of the entire universe is maintained.


heres the link of the translation of the trailer:


Also take in mind that cell gathered enough energy he can't just blow it up with 1 little energy blast like the way frieza blows up a planet (at least IMO) and he probably can only blow it up only by chain reaction you know by blowing up the sun or making the it unstable.

Also in the DBO timeline, wich can be said it's canon since Toriyama made it and has stated that it's the sort of sequal to the manga, goku and vegeta made a supernova explosion, as a effect of theire battle meaning they didn't even intent to do it, and also said that they made it NOT that they destroy a star to make it, they probably made it with theire own power without any intent of doing it, heres the quote an link:

AGE 801

Son Goku vanishes.

--Knowing his end is near, Goku leaves Earth with Vegeta so that the two can finally settle their score. Several years later, [astronomers?] note the explosion of a supernova. Possibly this was an aftereffect of Son Goku and Vegeta’s battle.


So IMO cell can do it, more star bust and causing a supernova than 1 shotting the whole system since pretty much the sun is most of the solar system, and i know that we still need to see the movie to make sure one of my arguments be 100% true, but i'm just right now thinkig with the info i got in hand.

Now i like to think i'm not a DBZ-tard i'm just a fan of the show and this is just my opinion.

Sorry for the long post thank you if you read it but again IMO cell can do it i'm just saiyan :P

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yes it is possible.

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