Cell is KO!! Taken Down With 2 Punches

Cell is KO!! Taken Down With 2 Punches is an anime episode of Dragon Ball Z that was released on

Cell did the most bizarre act he has so far as he created 7 miniature blue versions of himself from his tail which he called The Cell Jr.'s and after they were born he ordered them to attack and severely beat The Z Fighters but not kill them, he did this so that he could anger Gohan in order for him to show him his true power as Cell found that Gohan's own physical pain will do no good so he decided to see what the pain of the people he cares about will do. Each Cell Jr. nearly had the same power level as Cell. Only Piccolo, Vegeta and Future Trunks in their Super Saiyan 2nd Grade forms managed to fight them and gain the upper hand for a while however they were eventually brutally beaten up by the Cell Jr.'s and even Goku who was weakened from his battle with Cell was severely beaten. Gohan was forced to watch his friends and family be beat up by the malicious minions of Cell as he quickly became truly angry however it was not enough to cause his true power to surface. Cell noticed Gohan's anger and quickly ordered the Cell Jr.'s to kill everyone, Hercule then discovered that the head of Android 16 could still talk, Android 16 then told Hercule to toss near Gohan and Hercule reluctantly did as he was told as Anrdoid 16's head was tossed between Gohan and Cell.

Android 16 proceeded to give words of encouragement to Gohan telling him that sometimes it is okay to fight in order to protect loved ones and protect the nature and animals he loved. Cell overheard the conversation as he claimed that they were good words of advice and then crushed Android 16's head under his foot. This act of cruelty finally caused Gohan to snap, Gohan now enraged to the very limit ascended to a Super Saiyan 2, a slightly tearful Super Saiyan 2 Gohan proceeds to mercilessly kill all of The Cell Jr.'s and Gohan's act quickly impressed and pleased Cell. The amazed and astonished Z Fighters watch in awe except Goku as Gohan now as a Super Saiyan 2 battles the powerful android Cell.

As the fight progresses Gohan gains complete control over the battle much to Cell's irritation and frustration. In a moment of intense rage and frustration Cell powers up and reaches his maximum power and delivers a hard punch to Gohan's face and two everyone's amazement who believed Cell was fighting at full power when he fought Goku moments ago Gohan was not even phased by the punch and with simply 2 punches he nearly incapacitated Cell. Cell quickly began to show fear when Gohan began to effortlessly dodge all of Cell's attacks, easily overpower him and even counter Cell's most powerful Kamehameha at blank point range with his own Kamehameha and when Goku quickly told Gohan to finish him off, Gohan showed a truly sadistic manner and persona as he refused to do as Goku said and proceeded to say that "Cell needs to suffer more" as he began to show slight enjoyment in Cell's suffering. Gohan began taunting Cell much to Cell's humiliation, in a state of uncontrollable rage Cell transformed into his Power Weighed form making the same mistake Future Trunks made by trading his speed for power making him unable to hit Gohan, Gohan ceased his dodging and kicked Cell in the face and then delivered an extremely hard kick to Cell's stomach, the kick was hard enough for Cell to regurgitate Android 18 causing him to revert to his Semi-Perfect form.

Enraged at the outcome of the battle, Cell threatened to destroy the Earth as he began to self destruct.

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Akira Toriyama Akira Toriyama is a successful manga artist, most famous for his manga and anime series Dragon Ball. He has also worked as character designer on a number of well known JRPG's


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