Celestial Spirits

Celestial Spirits is a anime/manga concept
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Magical beings that come from a separate universe. People are able to form contracts with them to use.


Celestial Spirits are magical beings that reside in a another dimension. They all obey the Celestial Spirit King who governs their world and laws. Humans are able to summon them by receiving their Gate Key or by finding one. So far their are two types of Gate Keys: the extremely rare gold keys which represent the Ecliptic Zodiac with only 12 of them in existence and the more common Silver Keys.

Contracts & Rules

After a mage has obtained a key, the Spirits then form contracts with their owners so that they are able to know what days to use them. The celestial Spirits also has rules the mages most follow. One is that humans are not allowed into their world. If this happens the mage losses their contract with said spirit. The rule also applies to their mage being arrested or dead. The Spirits must also follow a rule. The spirits are not allowed to kill their contractors.

Unknown Keys

UnknownCelestial Spirit KingNoneHe rules all of the Celestial Spirit and enforces the rules among all Spirits. He also has the power to stop time in the human world.

Gold Keys

AquariusLucy Heartfilia (Current)

Layla Heartfilia
A celestial spirit in the form of a Mermaid. She has control over water and is the girlfriend of Scorpio.
AriesLucy Heartfilia (Current)

Karen Lilica (Former)
A timid and gentle female spirit with small horns on her head and wears white fluffy clothes. She was originall owned by Karen Lilica until Angel killed her and stole her key. Lucy then obtained Aries' key after defeating Angel.
CancerLucy Heartfilia (Current)

Layla Heartfilia (Former)
A man with a crab-like hair style armed with two pairs of scissors that he uses for attacking and haircuts.
CapricornLucy Heartfilia (Current)

Layla Heartfilia (Former)

Zoldeo (Former)
Also known as Caprico, he is a tall Goat Man that's key originally belonged to Layla Heartphilia. He became possessed by a mage named Zoldeo for 17 years and became a member of Grimoire Hearts, Seven Kin of Purgatory. Once freed he gladly gave his key to Lucy due to the promise he made to her mother.
GeminiLucy Heartfilia (Current)

Angel (Former)
Two spirits named Gimi and Mini that can transform into anyone perfectly and replicate both their thoughts and magic abilites. They originall belonged to Angel but decided to join Lucy Heartphilia because of her kindness towards other spirits.
LeoLucy Heartfilia (Current)

Karen Lilica (Former)
Also known as Loke, he is an attractive man who is skilled in unarmed combat. He orginally belonged to Karen Lilica but became angry with her for how she treated Aries. So he forced himself to stay in the human world until she severed his and Aries' contracts with her. However when he returned to the village she lived in, he learned that she was killed by the Oracion Seis guild member Angel. Thus with her being dead, Loke thought he broke the celestial spirit rule towards humans so he decided to join the Fairy Tail guild. Soon Lucy discovered who he really was and helped him return to the celestial world. He also gave her his key as thanks for saving him.
SagittariusLucy Heartfilia (Current)A man who wears a horse costume and wields a bow and arrow which he uses to accurately aim and attack an opponent with almost perfect precision.
ScorpionLucy Heartfilia (Current)

Angel (Former)
Also known as Scorpio, he is a man who wears a trench coat and has a metal scorpion tail which acts as a gun. He is also Aquarius' boyfriend.
TaurusLucy Heartfilia (Current)An Anthropomorphic bull who carries a large axe and is very strong. He is also infatuated with Lucy's body and the bodies of other women.
VirgoLucy Heartfilia (Current)

Duke Everlue (Former)
A maid who wears shackles around her wrists. She has the ability to tunnel underground. She is also very loyal to her master and does whatever they command. She even can change her appearance to her master's liking. She originally belonged to Duke Everlue who demanded her to be fat and muscular. She also has a fetish to be punished.
PiscesYukino Aguria (Current)Pisces consists of two large fish, one black and one white, that can transform into two different beings, a beautiful woman with black hair and her son, a young man with white hair that wields a trident. Both are powerful fighters but revert back when they come into contact with water.
LibraYukino Aguria (Current)Libra is a young woman dressed in an exotic dancer's outfit who hides her face behind a veil. She has two half of a set of scales, one on each hand, that she uses to alter an opponents weight.
OphiuchusYukino Aguria (Current)The rumoured "13th key" of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus is an enormous scaled snake with a metal-lined jaw that cannot be killed unless left in the human world for days.

Silver Keys

CaelumAngel (Former)

Katja (Former)

Will Neville's disciples (Former)
Caelum is really a weapon more than a being. It can change into a sword or a cannon.
CruxLucy Heartfilia (Current)Crux is a human-like cross with a mustache and cross-shaped nose. He has the knowledge of most celestial spirits and their masters both from the present and the past.
HorologiumLucy Heartfilia (Current)A clock with a face and pair of arms. His doesn't have many abilites but is mostly used for defense by it's owner who can stay inside his body for protection.
LyraLucy Heartfilia (Current)A little girl who has wings and wears a bonnet and a dress. She also carries a harp for which she uses to sing or perform songs for her master. Lucy Heartphilia owns a Lyra key.
NikoraLucy Heartfilia (Current)"The Canis Minor" Nikora (or Plue, which Lucy named hers) is a cute, yet small creature which resembles Plue from Rave Master. Nikora hardly takes up magic power when summoned and is mostly used as a pet.
UnknownPyxisLucy Heartfilia (Current)"The Compass" Pyxis is a large bird with the face of a penguin that has a compass on the top of its head.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Celestial Spirits
Japanese Name: 星霊
Romaji Name: Seirei
Aliases Spirits
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #1
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #1
1st anime movie: Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess
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