C.C. is a anime/manga character in the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion franchise
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A green-haired "witch" able to instill immense powers in others; her true name is never known.


C.C. was originally a young slave girl who was given the power of Geass by a nun. Her Geass was the ability to make anyone fall in love with her. However, she eventually tired of her ability, knowing that no one affected by her Geass truly loved her at all. She came to spend more and more time with the nun, who, due to possessing the Code, was the only one who was immune to C.C.'s Geass. Eventually, the nun revealed that even she never truly cared for C.C., but was only using her in order to escape the fate of her immortality. The nun then passed on her Code to C.C., and died.

Most of the rest of her history is unknown, although it is implied through a series of flashbacks that she has experienced much of history and lived through multiple "deaths." Eventually she met Marianne vi Britannia, Lelouch's mother, and joined her and Charles di Britannia in their plans. She became the leader of Britannia's Geass Order, an organization that studied the power of Geass. After Marianne died, however, she left the Order, leaving V.V. to take her spot. At some point afterward, she was captured by Britannians who were intrigued by her power and planned to study her. A group of Japanese rebels, mistakenly thinking the capsule she was trapped in contained a new weapon, stole her from the Britannians, thus setting off the events of the series.

Major Story Arcs

First Season

In the beginning of the series, C.C. is being held in a capsule that the Japanese rebels mistakenly assume to house a new Britannian weapon. When Lelouch Lamperouge ends up dragged into the fight between the rebels and the Britannians, C.C. reveals herself and saves his life by taking a bullet in his place. She then gives him the power of Geass, allowing him to control others, on the condition that he grant her greatest wish (which she does not define). She then seems to die, and Lelouch, not knowing of her immortality, leaves her behind.

Lelouch finds C.C. with Nunnally
Lelouch finds C.C. with Nunnally

She randomly shows up in his house a few episodes later, casually sitting with Nunnally, making origami and chatting. Lelouch is surprised to see her, and she tells him that she plans to keep an eye on him, to make sure he survives long enough to fulfill her wish as promised. Thus do the two begin a partnership as Lelouch's plans begin to unfold. She eventually becomes a high-ranking member of the Black Knights, and helps Lelouch to pilot the Knightmare Gawain. Lelouch also becomes the only one who knows her real name, although it is blocked out and never actually revealed to the viewer.

In the end of the series, she fights against Jeremiah's Knightmare, Siegfried, in the Gawain, and ends the battle by dragging both Knightmares to the bottom of the ocean floor. Although it was not shown (due to being thought too gruesome), C.C. was crushed by water pressure and killed, but eventually floated back to the surface and revived due to her Code.

Second Season

Lelouch having lost his memories, in the gap in between seasons, C.C. has become the temporary leader of the Black Knights. She leads the Black Knights on a successful mission to use her power to restore Lelouch's memories to him, after which she resumes her position as Zero's second-in-command.

When Lelouch first confronts his father at the Sword of Akasha, C.C. finally reveals what her greatest wish is: to die. Sick of a life of immortality, she wants to die and pass her Code on to Lelouch, as the nun gave the Code to her. This is the wish that she has made Lelouch promise to fulfill. Lelouch is stricken by this, and C.C. decides to give her Code to his father Charles, instead. She shows Lelouch a series of flashbacks that explain her history, but in the process, Lelouch realizes that she doesn't truly wish to die and promises to save her and make her happy. He rescues her from Charles, but in the process, her memories are erased and she reverts back to the slave girl that she was before receiving her Geass, innocent and eager to please.

Eventually Marianne, who has taken over Anya's body, restores C.C.'s memories so that she and Charles can complete their plan to destroy the "gods." She goes with Marianne to the Sword of Akasha, where Lelouch is confronting his father once more, but rejects their plan in favor of Lelouch's vision for the future. Even when Lelouch becomes the Emperor of Britannia, turning many of his allies against him, she stays by his side and comforts him, remaining one of his strongest accomplices. She and Suzaku are the only two that he informs of his Zero Requiem plan.

In the battle against Schneizel and Nunnally, C.C. and Lelouch have a touching exchange where Lelouch says that he doesn't hate her, but is actually grateful to her for giving him the Geass and helping him to achieve the things he has. Their exchange is unfortunately interrupted by Kallen, who busts through the wall to attack Lelouch. C.C., in her own pink version of the Lancelot, fights Kallen so that Lelouch can escape. During the battle, Kallen asks if she loves Lelouch, and C.C. replies that she doesn't know. She is easily defeated, lacking the piloting skills that Kallen has, but she ejects from the cockpit and emerges safely from the fight.

In the ending of the final episode, after Lelouch's death, C.C. is seen traveling in the back of a cart and talking to herself. She muses that the Geass is supposed to cause isolation from others, but that Lelouch has proven that wrong. It is unclear who she is talking to in this scene--although she talks to herself in this fashion numerous times throughout the series, it is later revealed that she was actually talking to Marianne. At this point, however, Marianne is long dead. Numerous fan theories speculate that she is talking to Lelouch, who has survived by acquiring Charles's Code upon his death, although the show's creators have confirmed that Lelouch is actually dead.


Often sarcastic and caustic, C.C. is world-weary after centuries of life. Having been lonely throughout most of her life, she's come to lead a very detached existence, seeming to care little about most people she encounters. This isn't helped by the fact that she's a very willful woman, doing what she wants when she wants with little regard for how it might affect others. In spite of this, she does have some degree of sympathy and understanding--particularly for Lelouch, who is quite possibly the first person to genuinely care about her since she obtained her Geass centuries before.

A running gag in the series involves C.C's love of pizza, especially Pizza Hut. She regularly uses Lelouch's credit card to buy pizzas, and she even owns a stuffed animal of Cheese-kun, Pizza Hut's animal mascot in Japan. Her love for pizza is so great that she risked capture on two occasions to get a piece of the giant pizza being made by the Student Council.

Powers and Abilities

C.C. possesses the power of the Code, which gives her a variety of abilities. The most obvious is immortality. She is shown to survive fatal wounds several times during the show, particularly during the flashbacks of the various gruesome deaths she's experienced throughout her life. She does seem to legitimately experience wounds and die, but will inevitably heal and revive each time. The other main effect of the Code is that she has the capability to gift others with the power of Geass, and is immune to the effects of it herself. In addition, she is shown to have the power to remove the effects of a Geass at least once, when she restores Lelouch's memories that Charles erased. Not much is known about this ability of hers, and it is only shown once. The only other character known to have this ability is Jeremiah Gottwald, who was specially implanted with this gift by Britannia.

She also has the ability to make others experience chaotic and terrifying hallucinations. She uses this power once on Suzaku, inflicting him with both his own horrible memories and snippets of her life, causing him to panic and saving Lelouch.

Before gaining the Code, she possessed a Geass given to her by a nun. Her Geass allowed her to make anyone fall in love with her, and it eventually grew out of control and took over both eyes, just as Lelouch's Geass eventually does.

Voiced by
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Yukana Nogami
Kate Higgins
Rank Game #714 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: C.C.
Name: シー・ツー
Romanji: shii tsuu
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion #1
1st anime episode: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases CC
Witch of Britannia
Pizza Girl
Gray Witch
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