Cattleya Glory

Cattleya Glory is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Cattleya is Haru's older sister who lives on garage island


Cattleya Glory stays home at Garage Island while Haru Glory goes on a journey to find the Raves and his father. Sometime after the Tower of the Din arc, Cattleya had implied sex with Shuda.


Cattleya notes vol. 1
Cattleya notes vol. 1

Originally, Hiro Mashima has intended to create one more family member for Haru, but it used to be Haru's Uncle. However, Mashima has rejected the idea and created Cattleya Glory to have a female character early in the Rave Master franchise. Interestingly, Hiro Mashima stated that Cattleya is the reason that Nakajima (talking house sun ornament) was born. She first appears in Rave Master episode 1 (flashback) and volume 1. Cattleya's Japanese actress is Yuki Inoue and her English actress is Cindy Robinson.

Story Arc

Cattleya Glory is a minor character who appears mostly in flashbacks or in scenes at Garage Island during Haru's adventures.

Note: For the intro arc, it is manga only information since the setting is different from episode 1 of Rave Master. The rest of the arcs up to Symphonia are anime and manga info. See differences under anime and manga section.

Intro Arc (manga only)

Cattleya is staring at the grave of her mother when Haru arrives with Plue. Haru asks her what Plue is, and she replies that Plue is a dog. At some point, Garage Island is attacked by Demon Card. Cattleya, Shiba, and Haru explore the damaged town. After Haru defeats Shuda, she is waiting in the house tending to Shiba's wounds. When Haru tells Cattelya that he will fight Demon Card, she runs away. Haru, who sees Plue trying to swim across the ocean, realizes that he has to embark on a journey to find the Rave to stop Demon Card. Cattleya, who is presumed to be sleeping on Sakura's grave, hears Haru's goodbye. She pretends to sleep, but she heard her brother's words. When Haru leaves, she asks Nakajima to marry her, but she lies.

Musica Arc

She reappears in a flashback when Haru explains how he met Shiba to Galein Musica.

Shuda Arc

Cattleya appears in a flashback when Haru collapses from Shuda's explosion attack on top of Rhapsodia ship. Her words about Haru keeping his promise strengthens Haru's resolve and motivates him to defeat Shuda to keep his promise alive.

Tower of Din Arc

Cattleya receive some omens about Haru when the family portrait fall over. She prays for Haru. At Tower of Din, King activates Overdrive which Cattleya sees at Garage Island. Though the Overdrive is far away, she prays on her mother's grave for Haru's well being.

Symphonia Arc

Cattleya does not appear during this arc. However, it is rumor that Shuda has visited Catteya at Garage Island to give her word about Gale's death.

Stellar Memories Arc

Memories of Shuda reveal to Haru and the others that Cattleya and Shuda had slept with each other. It is not known if Cattleya is pregnant.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yuki Inoue
Cindy Robinson
Rank Game #493 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Cattleya Glory
Name: カッテルヤ グローリー 
Romanji: katteruya guroorii
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Katelya Glory (Dub)
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Attractive Female
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