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Cats is a anime/manga concept
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Girls with cat-like features, primarily ears and tail. Feline mannerisms are also common.


A Normal Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Skitty.

Genki Girl

An energetic, eccentric character type. But that generaly just doesn't cover it at all. It's like the whole world has an energy leakage from them.


A Normal Type Pokemon.

Magical Animal

Mostly consisting of non-anthropomorphized animals, usually pets, that can talk and perform small tricks of magic, mostly used as guides for heroes and heroines.


A cat Pokémon. In the anime, a talking Meowth is a member of the Team Rocket Trio.


The evolved form of the Pokemon Meowth. Giovanni has one.

Pet Owner

Someone who has a pet for a reason. Said owner may either treat the pet like royalty or like dirt. It is not too common for at least one anime/manga character to own a pet or two in a series, even though said pet might possess special powers.


Something that serves as a pet or behaves in the manner of one.


A Dark Type Pokemon from the Unova (Isshu) region.


A Normal Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Glameow.


A Normal Type Cat Pokemon.


The cat-like aliens from the ThunderCats universe.


A female sorcerer or magician.

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