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Artemis is one of the guardian cats that appear in the manga/anime/live action series of Sailor Moon.


Arthur is a stray cat that Suzaku met. He found his way to Ashford Academy and was adopted by the Student Council, then became the source of much mischievousness.


A genetically modified Cat-Woman with the DNA of a puma.


Bakula is a large black panther from Amazon Lily, and a pet of the Kuja Pirates. Often used for executions.


One of the characters in Soul Eater. Blair is a cat with a strong aptitude for magic, which gets her confused as a witch.


A friend of Wendy Marvell and one of the Exceed from Edolas. She is also hinted at being the daughter of the queen of the Exceed.

Cat King


A female Duelist from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal who has a obsession for cats. She has a crush on Yuma Tsukumo but he is clueless about this.



Super-fast female member of the ThunderCats


Young member of the Maximals, transforms into a Cheetah.


Witch Haggar's cat familiar. Often used to spy on Zarkon and Haggar's enemies. In the GoLion Version of the series it was killed by Lotor


Denka is a ninja-cat that lives with Nekobaa at an Uchiha supply base.


Diana is the female cat on the hit manga/anime Sailor Moon.


Kuwabara's pet cat.


She's the owner of the white kitten in the La Storia della Arcana Famiglia.

Frederica Bernkastel

A Mysterious Presence in Higurashi. The witch of miracles in Umineko, and also the most cruelest witch of all; She is the main antagonist of the series


A member of the Sabertooth Guild and an Exceed. He's also Rogue's partner.


Gatomon is a Adult (Champion) Cat Digimon and the partner of Hikari Yagami. She used to work for Myotismon until she discovered she was Hikari's partner. She is able to turn into Angewomon.

Giovanni's Persian

Always at Giovanni's side, Persian's fighting ability and attacks are unknown as it's never been seen in battle.


A Decepticon who is quite compassionate and serves as a doctor, and has even been known to treat wounded Autobots. Glit is a mini-cassette who appears exclusively in the Kiss Players Position manga series


The manifested spirit of Rangiku Matsumoto's zanpakutou.


Happy is an Exceed with the ability to fly. He is also the best friend/companion of Natsu.

Hello Kitty

A character often used for childrens merhcandise, produced the the japanese company Sanrio and designed by Yuko Shimizu in 1974 and ever since then have become a world wide phenomenom for young women everywhere.


Hina is a ninja-cat that lives with Nekobaa at an Uchiha supply base.


A Song Fairy who is the partner of both Pretty Cure Kanade and Hibiki. She is also friends with Siren.

Jang Keng

A black cat of Yumi's.


Joozu is the pet cat of Ririko Yugami.


He's a member of the six heroes and Ragna's master.


Jumonji is the super-powered pet cat of Ryōko Kurosaki. A black cat with a cross-mark on the forehead and a bell around the neck.

Junpei Kosaka


The four-year old cat that Yumi Hayakawa owns in Cat Paradise, Kansuke was orginally saved from being hit by a van after Yumi came back and protected him. He bears a scar from being hit by her bike on his head, and transforms into a anthropomorphic human from Yumi's powers.


Ryoma's cat.


Kirara is the demon companion of Sango, one of the last demon slayers. In her smallest two-tailed cat form Kirara has little power except being immune to fire. She can transforms into her larger form, and can fly very fast as well and carry several passengers.


Kitten is a young cat that Giroro found and has since lived with him in his tent.


Korin is an immortal cat that lives at the top of Korin Tower below Kami's Lookout. He is the being that trained Roshi, and later trains Goku after his defeat to Tao Pai Pai. He continues to help Goku and his friends throughout the series by growing Senzu beans.


Kuro is a cat sith who is formally Shiro Fujimoto's familiar. Now he is Rin Okumura's friend.


Kuro is Kanako Urashima's cat.


Kuroneko is the cat in Trigun.

Kyo Sohma

The Cursed Cat of the Sohmas

Leader Cat

Leader Cat is a commander of John Doe's cat army.


A member of the Sabertooth Guild and an Exceed. He's also Sting's partner.


A Succubus Demon Familiar with the ability to manipulate dreams, she was created by infusing the soul of a deceased human girl into the body of a cat.


Lord of the ThunderCats


Luna is the guardian of Sailor Moon. She is responsible for guiding Usagi as Sailor Moon and the Moon Princess. She keeps track of the activities of villains, such as the Queen Beryl, and provides the henshin wands the Sailor Senshi need to transform.



Mao is a contractor that has the ability to take over the bodies of animals. He lost his original human body and is now confined to the body of a cat.


Matamune is a bakaneko and a spirit who fights along side the Asakura family against Hao. He is manga exclusive to Shaman King.


One of Dandy's partners who like him, enjoys ogling the girls at "Boobies".

Meowth (Team Rocket)

Pokemon that is a member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Jessie and James.

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