Arizona Bans Catgirls-- No, Seriously

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Arizona seems to be getting their conservative agenda in order and pushing it hardcore.  In addition to catgirls and immigrant rights, they also recently banned:
Ethnic studies classes in schoos:
Benefits for domestic partners (back in October):
As a gay mexican who thinks genetic experimentation is cool, I admit I am not feeling totally welcome in AZ right now.
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yo, f#ck arizona.
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Apparently the state senate of Arizona isn't content to just make it legal to hassle all Hispanics for their paperwork    
This is the part of the law that just pass in the state of Arizona. 
Stipulates that a law enforcement official or agency cannot solely consider race, color or national origin when implementing these provisions, except as permitted by the U.S. or Arizona Constitution.     
What people fail to realize is the above constitutional rite is only applicable to American citizens, (possible illegals could apply for refugee status from outside the U.S, but again as long as they are in america they are breaking the law ) illegal immigrants are not granted those rights under U.S law, in other words according to US law illegal aliens have no purpose in the country and should be found be any means necessary and deported, since the very act of them being in the country is illegal.  The only constitutional challenge to this law would be if Hispanic U.S citizens are searched/or required to produce proof of citizenship, if Illegal immigrants are found out even if they are suspected solely on the color of their skin, they have no basis for a constitutional challenge. (BTW i do not live in the U.S.A , just pointing out the legal technicalities of illegal immigration)  
About human animal chimera's i am against them for being to unnatural, i could see the potential in the future for governments breeding super monkey soldiers with the strength of a lion or something like that. 
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  I'm not the one to comment on anything anime related, as I found this when I was searching Giant Bomb, but seeing this really stupid thing some people are actually concerned about is just hilarious. I mean, so what if some sort of fanbase is destroyed? I take it that it might mean a lot to some of you, but dear God, it's not the end of the world! Feel free too enjoy your.....strange obsession.......elsewhere, but it just doesn't give you the right to complain over the internet. 
I'm sorry if that was kinda harsh, but I just get a little peeved when banning something as wrong as this is such a big deal to some people. I understand if you like these odd images, and you're entitled to your own opinion, but again there's no reason to complain. 
I have a little fact for people that are on my side. The strange people that make this (I don't want to mention any names,) call themselves "Anthro Artists," but to me it's just another way of saying "I'm a guy with really weird interests but don't have the guts to admit it." I could give you a few examples of people like this, but as I said before I don't want to point them out, but  I will say you'll find crap like this on DeviantART, Photobucket, and even Newgrounds, partiality in an awesome collab that was meant for comedy but some guy poisoned it with fur-porn known as "$00pah Nin10doh!" It's a really funny collab with Nintendo game spoofs, just be prepared for the crap you saw here. Here's a link to it:
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@N15PCA:   Making a comparison to how Mexico treats foreigners is pointless. The issue is not about how the immigration law affects illegal immigrants, but how it affects legal citizens. Natural-born citizens should not have to be afraid to leave their house without I.D. for fear of getting arrested.
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Don't forget the Birther Bill they also recently passed.

What I'm finding very telling is the utter lack of outrage from the Teabaggers who claim to be against big government. They were against the idea of mandated health insurance, but the idea of mandating legal immigrants to always have their papers on them or face jail time seems to be alright with that crowd. 

I was reading about someone who is running for the Republican seat in Iowa talking about microchipping illegal immigrants. Comparing them to dog microchips.

Pretty much shows that they are only against bigger government when it works in favor of dark skinned people.
Though, the fact they are hypocrites is hardly surprising. These are the people who say they don't want socialized health care, but then say they don't want Medicare touched.
Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of the legal system or the Constitution knows quite well that this law will never pass the Constitutionality test. The whole "reasonably suspicious" segment is far too vague. Suspicion is subjective. What is suspicious to one person may not be to another. You can't draft laws like that.
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@Sombre said:
" And nothing of value was lost "
this is actually the best usage of reference humor i've ever heard on the internet.  MANY LEVELS OF FUNNY.
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Yay for the Freedom of Speech!
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@L0neWolf:  I.... don't think anyone seriously thinks furries are gonna be banned in Arizona...
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Too many people just saw the pics and have assumed this is about banning anime characters...
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Today... is a bad day.... 
Why Arizona... My favourite kinda animal/girl... I hope this doesn't spread...

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Am I the only one that finds it hilarious and kind of sad that people either seem to just read the title of the article and not the actual text and or completely misunderstood what this law is about.  
It's not about banning the creation of a girl with cat ears and feline characteristics (or drawn depictions of one) because being able to do that in real life is way beyond what current research into genetic engineering has got to and also not the end goal of any major research in the field.  
This law is almost certainly aimed at the development and research into human-animal chimeras although it appears they have not ruled against human-plant or human-bacteria/archaea (not sure if anyone has done research into human-fungus or human-protozoa) chimeras. Which is probably because many things particularly in the medical industry make use of lifeforms like these. 
The reason plants and bacteria/archaea is mainly used is because it's much easier to create recombinant DNA for such purposes as I listed in my previous post in bacteria and while harder it is till easier to modify a plant's DNA as well due to the lesser levels of complexity in those organisms.
The big thing this would prevent is growing human organs inside another animal that is somewhat similar to us (like pigs as has been mentioned) and than harvesting them for organ transplants.  

As for those thinking this will impede on developing of anthropomorphic animals well that's just more of not many people having that as an interest. The majority of proponents of Transhumanism (the movement of using technology to increase the potential of humans and to artificially evolve humans) who are primarly concerned with trying to surpass limitations of humans such as involuntary death, aging, genetic disabilities and disease. Along with this other lesser concerns are in enabling people to modify their physical characteristics/limits and cognitive abilities. 
The idea of human hybrids as seen in fiction is just fiction and probably will be for a long time since physical modifications like that are much more complex due to being of a completely different morphology where say the growing of human organs in certain animals is simpler because they have greater similarity on that level. Also when it comes to post-humans it's much more likely that the goals of Transhumanism would be met by machines and the mixing of the artificial and organic so more like Ghost In The Shell than something like a cat person. 
Also keep in mind that the idea of using modifying animals is generally more frowned upon due to humans having a bias in considering the suffering of animals compared to other forms of life for various reasons believing the negative effect we may have on exploiting animals. (mammals in particular including our own species and insects generally being of least concern) is much much worse than any negative effect we have on other forms of life. (like bacteria, plants, archaea, fungi) 
This is before even thinking of the many ethical and philisophical issues, which come with the having humans controlling their own evolution, (the hubris of artificially controlling the evolution of one's own species) the phobia/jealousy/discrimination between regular humans and those who have been surpassed the limitations of humans, (Think of Gundam Seed and the all out war that resulted due to the differences between humans and coordinators and than think about how in the real world we still have wars and other violence among our own species due to small physical varience) the need for allowing choice among those who do not wish to be unaturally enhanced and would rather let nature determine what lies beyond human and who is to decide who gets what enhancments and how they will be regulate (Think of Brave New World) and than there is the Frankenstein complex and many more issues.

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 i've never quite understood the fear of "human animal" chimeras. someone mentioned something about hybrid super diseases a few posts back. we've already created those by the food industry. by breeding animals for slaughter and pumping the food they feed these animals full of all kinds of antibacterials, we've actually created a large number of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria that can grow uncontrolled. same goes for our hand soaps and whatnot.
as to cruelty of raising animals for harvesting organs, my question is, so what? we raise animals solely for the purpose of slaughtering them and eating them, but no one raises any objections to that. it's really just pure hypocricy.
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No officer, my girlfriend just has big ears...
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Right on.  AZ is only making a State Law that basically reinforces and ENFORCES federal law.  Why?  Because the feds weren't doing it! 


 My wife is a LEGAL alien with perminent residency status here in the US (we renew this year).  The Green Card she has states that by law she is required to have it with her at all times.  BTW this law has been in effect since 1942 (or so).  So why are we complaining when AZ decides to actually allow police officers to ask for the card that they're already supposed to carry?  
Hell ever been pulled over with more than one person in the car?  My brother and I were pulled over in my old VW bug and the cop asked for all of our ID's.  I asked him why he wanted my bros as we pulled out our Driver's licences.  He basically replied that he was checking for wants and warrents on everyone in the car.  Seems there was some gang bangers running in the area in beat up old cars like mine.  We came up clean and he sent us on our way.   
So yeah, the law already allowed police to ask for the usual ID's of folks when they see a need.  The law just allows them to ask for another form of identification that folks who are here legally already have to carry.  Those of us living in the border areas have been asking for simple enforcement like this for a while now.   
As for Catgirls?  It's another Genetics law, a semi-silly one indeed, but the genetics discussion is a pretty deep rabit hole to fall into if we're not careful.   
Though I still ike Catgirls.  

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@Gozertc: You are right, this AZ law is simply a reinforcement of  federal law that has been over looked, and i believe technically all people are supposed to carry ID on them. (though i do not live in the US so im not sure) Officers have always been allowed to check ppl for proper ID. 
The fact is by U.S law illegal immigrants have committed a crime when they entered America, I can't understand why America does not deport ppl who are in the country illegally (i.e violated federal law by entering and staying in the country) and  why America doesnt simply secure her borders.
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@Charagon said:

" @N15PCA:   Making a comparison to how Mexico treats foreigners is pointless. The issue is not about how the immigration law affects illegal immigrants, but how it affects legal citizens. Natural-born citizens should not have to be afraid to leave their house without I.D. for fear of getting arrested. "

You need an ID to buy beer and cigarettes don't you.  You also need a driver license to drive a car.  So people are all really Natural born citizens need I.D of all kind of things.   
So again I don't see a problem here.
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@L0neWolf said:

it just doesn't give you the right to complain over the internet. 

Oh thank god, the intenet police are here to tell us what we can talk about on the internet. Well, now that that's over, I'm sure you're busy over on /b/. I hear that they use some weird set of colloquialisms from the internet on THE internet!  
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@N15PCA said:

" @Charagon said:

" @N15PCA:   Making a comparison to how Mexico treats foreigners is pointless. The issue is not about how the immigration law affects illegal immigrants, but how it affects legal citizens. Natural-born citizens should not have to be afraid to leave their house without I.D. for fear of getting arrested. "

You need an ID to buy beer and cigarettes don't you.  You also need a driver license to drive a car.  So people are all really Natural born citizens need I.D of all kind of things.    So again I don't see a problem here. "
Being an American citizen who happens to be of Hispanic ethnicity on both my mother's and father's side I agree with N15PCA, I don't see a problem here.  Kids should have IDs by the age of 11 for safety reasons alone.  Being a Hispanic male who grew up in a gang filled part of the city of Chicago I started carrying an ID young, cause ya don't want give cops a reason.  A cop even warned me once that he could arrest me for fitting a description of a suspect (young Hispanic male.....*sigh*) and since I had lost my license the week before and didn't have it on me at the time I couldn't do jack shit about it.  I see this law as a benefit and tool for officers to combat crime.
As for the cat-person law.  Good on Arizona as well, that's how zombie invasions are started.
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