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Catgirl Nukunuku is an anime series
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All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (万能文化猫娘, Bannō Bunka Nekomusume) is a Japanese single-volume manga series written and illustrated by Yuzo Takada and serialized in Weekly Manga Action. The manga was released as a single volume in December 1997. The story begins when genius inventor Kyusaku Natsume transplants the brain of a cat found by his son Ryunosuke on Christmas Eve, into a schoolgirl android that he created and subsequently stole from his former employer, Mishima Heavy Industries (owned by his estranged wife and Ryunosuke's mother, Akiko Natsume). The result, Nuku Nuku (also known as Atsuko Natsume), is a nekomusume or cat girl. The manga was licensed by ADV Manga and published as a single volume on August 24, 2004.

Cat Girl Nuku Nuku has been adapted into two OVA series and one television anime series. All three anime adaptations were also licensed in North America by ADV Films. An English language version of the OVA was released by Crusader Video in the United Kingdom on VHS featuring regional accents. ADV's English language release was shown on PBS affiliate KTEH San Jose along with Generator Gawl and City Hunter.


Ryunosuke (Ryan) loses his beloved pet kitten in an accident, and his scientist father, Dr. Natsume, places the creature's brain inside a sexy android body. This is just one of many treats designed to keep the boy's mind off his parents' acrimonious divorce, but Ryunosuke and his new pal Nukunuku are soon caught up in a bitter custody battle between his crazy inventor father and his mother, Akiko, who owns a weapons factory. She regularly sends her minions, Arisa and Kyoko, to kidnap Ryan, only to be foiled by the innocent activities of Nukunuku, also intended as a bodyguard for her endangered master.

With the massive collateral damage of Project A-Ko, an anime ingenue whose feline origins go right back to Tezuka's Baghi, and a surprisingly accurate study of marital breakup that still has bite even if played for laughs, Catgirl Nukunku was based on a minor work by 3x3 Eyes-creator Yuzo Takada, and it is one of a limited number of anime that exist in two translations. A British dub of episodes 1-3 was the sole release from Crusader Video, who aimed to dispel the U.K. media's view that all anime were perverse, although they had to excise a masturbation scene before they could achieve the general rating their PR required. U.S. distributors AD Vision were less coy, running the entire series both uncut and in a feature-length "movie" edit.

Nukunuku jumped to TV Tokyo in 1997 for a 12-part series directed by Yoshitaka Fujimoto that retold the story from the beginning. In 1998, the franchise was revived with the same crew for the 12-part straight-to-video Nukunuku Dash, looking suspiciously like the tail end of a canceled TV series.

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Name Catgirl Nukunuku
Romaji: Banno Bunka Neko Musume Nukunuku
Publisher ?
Start Year 1992
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Aliases All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Snuggly-Wuggly
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