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Catfight Club; Pulp Addiction is an anime episode of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt that was released on 10/15/2010
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Unbalanced Load Reviewed by AK_the_Twilight on Oct. 16, 2010. AK_the_Twilight has written 16 reviews. His/her last review was for Dead Leaves. 85 out of 87 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 4 users found this review helpful.
Gainax’s Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt has been known for pushing the envelope in terms of dirty, sexual, and adult humor, but no episode really showed it off better than this one. For their third episode, Panty and Stocking deal with some sibling confrontations and plenty of masturbation jokes. While dealing with a sibling may seem like a typical sitcom-y theme, parodies of Saving Private Ryan with masturbation jokes is about as edgy as we’ve seen yet. Not even Panty’s debut video in the last episode reached this point of adult humor, and while it sounds like a wacky idea, it’s overused. The angels’ third episode makes a record high in the first half, but makes a record low in the second, causing a severely unstable and ultimately average effort towards this third episode.

 Panty and Stocking reach a speed bump in their sisterly relationship.
 Panty and Stocking reach a speed bump in their sisterly relationship.
Panty and Stocking’s third episode kicks off with “Catfight Club,” another take on the sibling rivalry, “I can do it myself!” concept that so many other animations have done before. Stocking is desperately looking for her pudding, only to find out that Panty ate it already. The two angels start bickering, denouncing each other’s chest size, and after receiving an order from Garterbelt, go their separate ways. Panty teams up with Briefs for a…heh…brief period of time (while also making a number of obscene names for him), with Stocking looking for the Ghost with Chuck. Stocking encounters a lost Red Riding Hood-esque girl, but eventually falls into girl’s trap with her tethered “Big Bad Wolf” buddy. Stocking is trapped (but not before some constriction-related fan service), but Panty steps in to take out the Ghost herself. The girls argue a bit, but call a truce once the Ghost duo gets on their nerves. The enemies are destroyed instantly, and the girls go home. Panty, in an odd act of sisterly kindness, gives Stocking another pudding (although this one is spicy). Stocking kindly accepts it.

While I was expecting this adventure to be a derivative, over-trodden drag, I was quite surprised as to its execution. We’ve seen the whole “I don’t need you!” sibling theme, and each and every time the argument is broken by an act of sibling kindness, the fact that essentially means “I can’t do it alone.” This really wasn’t much different than that, but in some strange twist, this one felt fresh. The main reason that I liked this story so much was that there was a ton of interaction between Panty and Stocking. They felt like true characters here. While the previous episode relied more on the environment of the adventures or secondary characters, you really see Panty and Stocking’s personalities come to life. It was a refreshing idea that gives the first sequence legs. Also, the balance between the action and the comedy was near-perfect. From the initial argument between the two angels to the final confrontation with the Ghost duo, this adventure rose beyond its storyline derivativeness, ultimately showing off sides of both Panty and Stocking that haven’t been shown before.

The second episode “Pulp Addiction” begins with a blatant parody of Saving Private Ryan filled with masturbation jokes. A group of soldiers are storming a beach, only to literally be wiped out by giant tissues. Enter Garterbelt, whose afro is swelled up by an unstoppable urge for…release. The next mission for Panty and Stocking is to find the source of tissue shortage and stop whatever is ruining guys’ good fun. Reluctantly, the angelic duo arrives at a tissue factory, only to be stopped by Ghostly sperm. Panty and Stocking take out the Ghosts. The story closes with the same Saving Private Ryan parody, with the sperm soldiers reaching their destination. In a nutshell, their destination had to be censored. Go ahead and use your imagination.

This portion of the episode got old quick. There were so many masturbation jokes that the
 Sperm Ghosts. You can't make this stuff up.
 Sperm Ghosts. You can't make this stuff up.
whole thing really lost its touch before Panty and Stocking even got going on their mission. In fact, Panty and Stocking weren’t even the focus. The writers seemed to just make “jerk-off jokes” and called it quits. The scene of Garterbelt’s “pressure” was funny, and seeing Stocking go into “kawaii” mode when seeing the tiny sperm Ghosts was a pleasant surprise, but this adventure (if you could even call it that) relied far too much on a single joke. I understand that Panty and Stocking play dirty in their humor, but they’ve never relied on a single source of humor until now. This portion had its moments, but it was a boring and slapped together course of action, marking a real low for this series’ otherwise clever creative flow.

This episode was schizophrenic in its quality. While “Catfight Club” was a stellar outing, rivaling even the first episode’s crazy scenes, “Pulp Addiction” was a sad excuse for a sequence that didn’t rely on what counts: the characters. “Catfight Club” dove deeper into the personalities of Panty and Stocking, showing their oddest, but most expressive sides. It even tied up the conflict well (which is astounding in such a short time count). “Pulp Addiction”, on the other hand, was a single joke stretched across 12 minutes, and the joke wasn’t even that funny to start with. If you want to see one of the best Panty and Stocking adventures yet, watch the first half…then leave, because the second half was disappointing to say the absolute least.
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