Cat vs. Dog

Cat vs. Dog is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 12/03/2005

Cat vs. Dog Episode 6

As Team Satomi has finally recovered from their defeat by Team Velhstein, their next race is around the corner against Team Edgeraid. Their forward Bjorn co-pilots with his dog Sola, similar to how Amy and Luca pilot for Satomi as the race is now a competition between cat and dog. Off the track, River makes an announcement that will upset everyone in the end.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

Amy is trying to get in a workout before the race against Team Edgeraid later that night as Liz freaks out when she wakes up to Luca sleeping on her chest. She claims loudly how much she hates animals as she scolds Amy for letting him sleep on her. Amy claims that she doesn't tell Luca where she can and can't sleep as Takeshi tries to get Liz to settle down, pointing out that Luca is a member of Team Satomi too. Upstairs, River is having another meeting with Michiru as she seems a bit sad by something that he said. She tells him that if it is what he really wants, she won't try to stop him. River leaves as a commercial for a brand of dog food plays as it is revealed that Team Edgeraid is similarly sponsored like Team Satomi by pet food, specifically with their dog Sola.

Team Edgeraid discusses the "cat vs. dog" race
Team Edgeraid discusses the "cat vs. dog" race

At Team Edgeraid's headquarters, their managers claims that their sponsor is calling the match up against Team Satomi a true cat vs. dog match and it will mean big business if they win. Bjorn Johannsen, who plays forward with Sola, claims that it should be an easy win against the rookies as Bella Demarco and Frank Bullit agree. At the Satomi practice rooms, Amy and Liz begin to argue about one another's weight as Takeshi can't help but to laugh. River comes by to challenge him to another spar as he agrees. Even though River has improved from their last bout, Takeshi is still able to beat him in the end. River points out that he will one day beat Takeshi and leaves soon after, leaving the others to wonder what is going on.

Liz and Amy go to lunch as Amy wonders why Liz is always so uptight about winning and getting on people like River and Takeshi. She claims that she has always had to work hard for anything she wanted in life since she was born with nothing at all. She hates people who are simply given everything they need in life. Liz knows that if she pushes herself and others to their best that nothing will stop them. She hears something behind her as she surprised to find out that Sola just ate her lunch as Bjorn comes over to collect her. Liz demands payment for her lost lunch as Bjorn seems to not pay attention to anything she says as Amy notices who it is they are talking to. Sola begins to chase Liz around as Amy sighs and goes back to her own meal.

Before the race, Takeshi and Fantine begin to chat via their video game Watch World as Takeshi tells her that it helps him blow off some steam before and after races as she wishes him luck on the match against Edgeraid. Andrei also finds River studying again and tries to tell him to simpyl relax and be patient, River stating that Andrei doesn't know what its like to truly race. Night begins to fall in IGPX City as the team knows that facing Edgeraid will be a challenge since their strategy is always based on synchronization and working as one. Their plan is to distract each of the other pilots to throw off their plan. As lap one starts, Satomi gets an early lead which Mark seems excited about as Jesse wonders where River went off too. Michiru informs them that River quit the team earlier in the day and declares they won't talk about it during the race. It is at this time that Benjamin Bright goes over how certain players with a link to their own animals can get approval to create a mech to co-pilot with their pets, stating how Amy does this with Luca and Bjorn with Sola. As lap one comes to a close, Sola and Luca exchange taunts and jeers as the battle round commences.

The dog chases the cat through the tunnels
The dog chases the cat through the tunnels

Still in the lead, Takeshi states they should try and get a bigger gap between them as Edgeraid is able to pick them apart one by one with Bjorn and Sola using their team move, the Edge Monsoon. Falling behind, Amy and Luca come up with the idea to hit them with the same attack at Amy goes into strike Bjorn with an Edge Monsoon of her own. Frank and Bella try to catch up to the two but are stopped by Liz and Takeshi. As they enter the tunnels, Bjorn tries to catch up with Amy but is caught by Takeshi and Liz and rammed into a support beam in the tunnel before emerging to start lap three and take a considerable lead before winning. Sola gives Luca props for beating her, both stating that they aren't so bad for their species. Celebrating another win under their belt, the victory is bittersweet as they lament the loss of River but try to shake it off. Sola and Bjorn swing by to congratulate the team as Sola chases Liz again. Heading back to base, River and Takeshi talk about how their match earlier had nothing to do with him quitting and he will beat him on the track soon.

Closing Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

Race Results

Takeshi Jin-Satomi-Forward1st15
Liz Ricarro-Satomi-Defender2nd7
Amy Stapleton & Luca-Satomi-Midfielder3rd5
Bella Demarco-Edgeraid-Midfielder4th3
Frank Bullit-Edgeraid-Defender5th2
Bjorn Johannsen & Sola-Edgeraid-Forward6th1

Final Score

Winner: Team Satomi

Team Satomi: 27 points

Team Edgeraid: 6 points

Team Satomi Track Record: 2049 Season

2 Wins 1 Loss 1 Tie

Characters & Voice Actors

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Amy Stapleton ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Haley Joel Osmont ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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